Sciatica: Lumbar radiculopathy is a symptom of an underlying condition.

Best orthopaedic clinic in Gurgaon: Sciatica is a condition directly related to your sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve spans from the pelvis to the lower back of the individual’s thigh. The sciatic nerve is the largest, most extended, and thickest nerve in an individual’s body. Sciatica is not a condition by itself but a symptom of an underlying condition. The sciatic nerve is up to 2 cm wide. Hence, it has the tendency to be affected in the subtlest manners, resulting in Sciatica, which emanates from various conditions. Orthocure Gurgaon is among the leading results for searches for Sciatica pain treatment near me among city residents.

Sciatica is a condition that may be poorly understood by the individual afflicted with it. It thus requires the expertise of trained medical professionals, physiotherapists, orthopaedic consultants, and clinics like Orthocure. At the mechanical level, Sciatica results from pressure on the sciatic nerve. It occurs when the roots of the sciatic nerve are pinched. The root cause is usually:

        Herniated disk

        Overgrown bone

        Tumors and growth of tissues

But there are various other causes. The causes of Sciatica are numerous. Within Sciatica, there are two categorisations of types:

Type/categorisation of Sciatica:


True Sciatica:

True Sciatica refers to the various conditions and injuries directly affecting an individual’s sciatic nerve.

Sciatica-like conditions:

Conditions that manifest the same symptoms or sensations as Sciatica but occur due to various other factors and reasons related to the sciatic nerve or other nerves. Orthocure Gurgaon offers sciatica treatment.

Conditions that can cause Sciatica:

Root cause resulting in Sciatica:



Herniated disk:

Herniated disk tissue can irritate the nerve root in spine regions, resulting in typical sciatic pain.

Spinal Stenosis:

Spinal stenosis occurs when there is a legitimate narrowing of one or more spaces within the spinal canal. The stenosis affects the nerve, resulting in pinching or tightening, stimulating Sciatica. For spine treatment in Gurgaon, Orthocures is renowned for its delivery and service.


Sciatica is also induced by tumours, masses, or growths, mainly if they occur in the lower spine or the sciatic nerve. 


This condition occurs due to slippages of the vertebral bodies, resulting in radicular symptoms or pain.

Injury to the Pelvic region:

Injuries to the pelvic region can result in Sciatica and are among one of the causes that also result in

Sciatica and associated pain result from numerous afflictions to the individual’s musculoskeletal system. It is thus recommended for any individual to consult with relevant professionals. At Orthocure, our provision and coverage seek to enable treatment, rehabilitation and management for an entire comprehensive suite of back and neck pain-related conditions that are the root causes of Sciatica, including slipped disk treatment. Advancements in orthopaedics and treatment have enabled effective pain relief and treatment for individuals afflicted with back and neck pain, up to the extent where their day-to-day activities are manageable with the conditions.