While some minor aches and discomfort are usually ignored by an individual as some insignificant matter, the state of your knee and certain types of pain should act as an indicator to seek an expert opinion. As you age the body’s ability to repair itself decreases which makes it more susceptible to either mild pain caused due to excessive workouts, wrong sleeping position, or severe pain pointing to some sort of medical condition.

According to the best orthopaedic doctor in Gurgaon one needs to be aware of the symptoms they are suffering from, whether it is normal or too serious to be ignored, to better understand if one needs to visit a specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

1. Knee popping, clicking, or locking

Knee popping can be indicative of ligament and cartilage injury of the knee that might have occurred during sports activities, sudden movements, or twisting suddenly. In addition to popping and clicking of the knee, there are some other symptoms that one can experience.

  • Worsening pain and stiffness hampers normal activities like walking.
  • Swelling that might occur or appear 24 hours after the injury needs immediate care.
  • Being able to walk but still suffering from pain and discomfort.
  • Knee buckling that causes you to stumble while walking.
  • Sudden and severe pain in the knee.

2. Swelling in the knee

Swelling might occur in your knee rarely due to milder reasons but more so as an indication of some serious health issues or orthopaedic problems. While injury like bumping into the furniture can cause it in some cases but that is rarely the reason behind an abrupt instance of visible swelling. The most common cause could be arthritis which only becomes severe over time and there is a clear benefit in visiting an orthopaedic clinic and starting the treatment from an early stage. Some other symptoms that might accompany the swelling are knee pain, weakness, and stiffness along with difficulty in performing knee bends or limited range of motions.

4. If your knee is moving or shifting

In case of a dislocated knee caused by a sudden change in direction while your foot is planted on the ground one may experience that their knee is moving or shifting while they walk. A dislocated knee can often include damaged nerves, torn ligaments, or broken blood vessels and need proper diagnosis and treatment to not aggravate the situation further. One might also experience swelling, inability to perform daily activities, deformity around the knee joint, limited range of motion, and severe pain. .

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