Introduction: Despite having flexible hours, the lack of activity in the office can have several adverse effects on our bodies, especially the back area. We spend most of our day sitting at one desk and writing reports, which can disrupt our daily activities and cause discomfort throughout the day. What’s the point of having weekends? We end up spending them in bed, holding our backs in pain. But like they say, every problem has a solution. Orthocure: regularly cited as the best orthopedic clinic in Gurgaon, Within the ortho space, there are practical and comprehensive solutions for back pain emanating from your working environment. 

Setting up work conditions – While it’s understood that there will be days when work will be too much, we may not even be able to move out of our cubicle or office. Thus restricting our motion and making us glued to our chairs. But we can still work on our posture. We are making minor changes to our work desk, like setting up a sit-stand-up work desk. Standing up and keeping our back straight to work works wonders for our posture. While eating lunch, we can stand up and move around. We live in the era of smartwatches, where we can set a goal for ourselves and keep track of how many steps we take. Also, using stairs can be a big boost. Orthcoure provides spine treatment in Gurgaon. An address towards back pain & spinal pain.

Working out – It’s no secret about the countless advantages of having an active workout routine, hitting the gym, and working on all the body parts, which helps us keep fit and healthy. However, only some people like to lift weights or tire their legs while doing cardio. But there’s always an unconventional way of going about things. Orthocure can provide back pain treatment. 

They offer a gym-like setup in their studios but with the sole goal of focusing on the body’s pain and working on it instead of lifting heavy weights or building muscles. The routine is not rigid like a traditional gym, but doing a 30-minute workout twice a week is all it takes to sustain fitness and avoid stiff pain.

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Playing sports – While growing up in our teenage years, 1 of the daily things we used to love doing was going out of the home and playing our favourite sport. Be it cricket, football or tennis. We couldn’t live without it. But as we graduated from school and college, we lost our love and passion for our favourite sport as we got busy chasing targets in the constant never-ending rat race. And while our life may not be as flexible as it was during our formative years, we can still always take some time to indulge in our favourite sports, even if just for an hour. Countless sports societies bring people closer together and help them connect. Playing your favourite sport even once a week for just an hour can be significant and keep you active. 

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Using a back brace – A few factors apart from a hectic work schedule may not allow us to indulge in physical activities. It can be medical or have some significant physical drawbacks to our bodies. Which makes even going for a run difficult for us. But we still gotta at least take care of our posture. So, we can always wear a back brace on our body throughout the day, which can help us maintain our posture and work without worrying about exerting our back. 

Reducing load-bearing—Often, back pain can be triggered by the strain of carrying heavy objects. It’s important to be mindful of our posture during these tasks, as it’s easy to compromise it when lifting and moving heavy items. By consciously reducing the weight we carry, we can significantly decrease the risk of back pain. 

Using a Lumbar support backrest while working—The Lumbar support pillow, a lightweight and portable foam pillow designed to support our spine, can be a game-changer. Considering that our office furniture may not always be ergonomically designed, this pillow can provide the necessary support, reducing the risk of back pain during long hours of work. 

Consulting a physiotherapist—We should never allow ourselves to reach a point where back pain becomes unbearable. It often happens because we neglect it due to a hectic schedule spent in the office, and we can barely even walk. So, hiring a good physiotherapist can help us overcome our back pain. 

Doing some stretches—One of the common causes of back pain is sitting stiff in one position for too long. Stretching is a simple activity that does not require a mat or weights. We can stretch inside our office or cubicle and do shoulder and back stretching every day, even just 10 minutes. 

Having a bad posture during sleep – There are bound to be days when we will work extra hours in the office because of deadlines, audits and whatnot. When we reach home, the only thing we wish to do is eat our dinner and get some sleep. But the latter process happens in such a rush that we neglect our posture. While we are so tired that we don’t pay attention to it, this results in some severe back pain or even injury if we ignore the warning signs. 

Using hot/cold packs—While it’s not the most effective way or solution to overcome back pain, as the others in the list, it provides temporary relief if the pain is too much while in the office. Other treatments, as discussed in the list above, offer a long-term solution, but at least for some time, this helps a lot in dealing with the pain. 

Conclusion: Orthocure understands that back pain can lead to lifelong pain without proper precision and care. Understanding the gravity of the situation, Orthocure has a team of experts who provide excellent treatment and consultancy to ensure that the clients never experience pain again.