Before we get into the myths, let’s first understand joint pain in summary. Orthocure is a specialised state-of-the-art orthopaedic centre & rated as the best orthopaedic clinic in Gurgaon

Joints are the parts of our body where the bone connects with our skeletal system. As we all know, most joints in our body are mobile, allowing our body to make different types of movements. There are three types of joints in our body. 

  • Fibrous joints
  • Cartilaginous joints
  • Synovial joints

Now, there can be many causes of pain in the joints. Some of the common reasons include 

  • Injury: There can be many reasons behind injuries. The most common cause is getting injured while playing sports. 
  • Viral Infection: Sometimes, even minor infections can lead to significant joint pain. 
  • Disease – Though not that common, certain diseases like LUPUS can be a massive reason behind joint pain. 
  • Arthritis – 1 of the most common factors behind joint pain is Arthritis. Many individuals who experience joint pain in their body are because of Arthritis. 

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Now, let’s look at some popular myths concerning Joint pain before deciphering how to overcome them. 

  • Arthritis takes place only in an older age: Even though Arthritis is more common among older adults, it is not restricted to them. It can happen at any age. This can be due to genetics or genes. 
  • Experiencing severe pain in the joint indicates Arthritis: Not all pain or discomfort around the joint means it’s developing into Arthritis. Any pain in the joint should not be neglected and should immediately be consulted by a Physiotherapist. 
  • It is strictly non-advisable for individuals dealing with Arthritis to exercise. Although consulting a physiotherapist or a doctor before heading to the gym would be an excellent idea, exercise helps maintain a range of motion and strength in the joints. 
  • Nightshade vegetables worsen Arthritis: Tomatoes, eggplants, potatoes, and peppers are nightshade vegetables, which have long been misunderstood as one of the leading causes of worsening Arthritis. Dr Brian Shulz, a medicine specialist who studied this subject, debunks this theory, asserting that there is no evidence to prove such a theory. 
  • Weather changes can worsen Arthritis: For quite some time now, rumours have spilt about how weather conditions can affect Arthritis. While there have been few exceptions, no concrete evidence supports the argument. 

Now that we have gathered enough knowledge on this subject and the myths surrounding it, the only effective way to overcome joint pain is to consult a physiotherapist. Google will barely scratch the surface when it comes to this issue, but a seasoned professional in physiotherapy will evaluate the causes and symptoms and provide the necessary treatment. 

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Conclusion: As we have studied, we have encountered many myths regarding joint pains. But this can result in severe consequences. Orthocare debunks such myths, gives proper care, and provides the right treatment for joint pain.