Clear your Confusion about Sciatica 

Sciatica is a particular type of pain that can occur to any person, but particularly for those ageing, in post pregnancy period, Sports or activities related and so forth. The pain mainly occurs due to irritation or compression of nerves in these areas. The pain is felt in the back, hips to legs. Many complain of such pain on one side of the lower body downwards of lower back. Generally, the starting point of sciatica pain is lower back. Sciatica pain is cured using physiotherapy treatment where back pain treatments, slipped disc treatment etc are also covered. Many patients go for back pain treatment or slipped disc treatment. 

The History of Sciatica, Back Pain Treatment and Slipped Disc Treatment

In the ancient times, it is found that sciatica, back pain treatment or slipped disc treatment was treated in a specialized way as a focused sphere of influence by the Physicians then, e.g., Roman and Greek Physicians. In the ancient Indian medical system / health care – Ayurveda, Siddha and Unani, natural cures were conducted. Even in the modern times, certain Yoga exercises are instructed and recommended by Physiotherapists post the Sciatica, back pain treatment or slipped disc treatment to maintain a healthy wellbeing and lifestyle. 

How to go about Sciatica, Back Pain Treatment and Slipped Disc Treatment 

Sciatic treatment relates to recovery from all pains and ailments related to the lower back pain, also nerves in the back, spine, hips and legs area. The cause could be blockage or compression of nerves, bone spur etc. The most recommended treatment for Sciatica is physiotherapy, which is also preferred for back pain treatment and slipped disc treatment. Similarly, back pain treatment and slipped disc treatment can also be related to nerves, depending on the complaint of the patient, which is determined only after examination by Doctor, Physiotherapist or Chiropractor. 

The Age and Risk Factor in Sciatica 

Those under the age of 20 years have negligible complaints or are almost not at all prone to sciatica pain.  However, more and more natives in the ageing population complain about having sciatica pain. There are many factors responsible for this, especially the fast changing lifestyles, dependency on automation or luxury / comfort, lessened physical activity etc. As a person grows older into 50s, 60s, 70s, due to age-related changes- the body experiences degeneration. These older age patients end up having Sciatica, or back pain treatment or slipped disc treatment. 

Sciatica Treatment, Back Pain Treatment and Slipped Disk Treatment Post Pregnancy

Sciatica happens due to squeezing, compression or blockage in the spinal nerve root in the back / spine that goes down to the legs, hip area. After a child delivery, the physical condition becomes disturbed or is weakened. The back / spine, hip, legs etc take a toll on the body post pregnancy. Therefore, after the baby is born, it has a residual effect, therefore the body needs proper care, and guidance by a Physiotherapist can quickly heal pains related to back pain, hips, legs etc. Some patients need to go for back pain treatment and slipped disk treatment.

Physiotherapists also provide best practices on right postures especially in sitting, feeding baby, mild daily exercises, etc. The first 2 or 3 weeks are predominantly crucial post pregnancy in brining physical condition to normalcy. These are generally included in the back pain treatment and slipped disk treatment, as well.

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