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Dr Abhishek Kumar (PT)

Senior Specialist in Sports Injury Physiotherapy


Dr Abhishek is a Senior Specialist in Sports Injury Physiotherapy with an experience of over 5 years years. He is a renowned Sports physiotherapist who has worked for Indian Railways Senior Cricket team, in Ranji Trophy Event, Boxing federation of India, Wrestling Federation of India, Haryana Cricket Association, Sanskriti University as Assistant Professor.

His extensive range of services includes treatment for Disc Bulge/Herniation, ACL Rehabilitation, MCL Rehabilitation, Knee Joint, Tennis Elbow, Adhesive Capsulitis, Patellar Bursitis, Post Fracture Rehabilitation.

He is Certified in Mulligan Mobilization Therapy, Dry needling Therapy, Kinesio Taping and many others. He Specializes in designing various exercise programs specific to patients conditions and also exercise protocols for improving Sports Performance. He is also extremely proficient in healing imbalances and Post Dislocation Rehabilitation of Sport Injuries. He excels in Injury Treatment, Injury Management, Performance Enhancement and Rehabilitation.

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