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Dr. Maneesh Arora



Prof (Dr) Maneesh Arora
Head of Department of Physiotherapy
Sardar Bhagwan Singh (PG) Institute of Biomedical sciences
and Research , Dehradun
Senior Consultant U’r Physiotherapy Clinic, Dehradun.
Director STEM Rehab

Academic profile – F.I.A.P, B.P.T, M.P.T, Do . COMT, CMT, CATT, DFN,

Certification advance electro-medicine from Phoenix , U.S.A .
Diploma in osteopathy and chiropractic manipulative therapy in spine
Diploma in manipulative therapy in extremities ( UK ). Have undergone training in Cranial and visceral osteopathy , strain counterstrain , Kinesiology taping , core stability , Dry-needling, Pilates etc

Awards received

Fellow Ship Award Of Indian Association of Physiotherapy 2015
Physio Ratan( JEWEL Of Physiotherapy ) AIIMS 2013
Significant contribution to manual therapy ( By Brian Mulligan 2014)
Academic excellence award 2014
Significant contribution in Physiotherapy 2013
Life time Achievement Award , SAARC Conference 2105

Research profile

Developed new concepts like dry needling of kinetic chains and myokinetic releases and rapid manual scans for muscle dysfunction( Presented and acknowledged at WCPT , Singapore )
More than 120 papers published in various journals or presented in various conferences.
More than 20 papers awarded in the best papers categories .
Three papers presented in World congress of Physiotherapy at Singapore

academic enhancements

Member of University Grant Commission committee on formulating regulations of Physiotherapy
in india
Presented about 50 lectures as invited speaker in various institutes and conferences
Resource person in 45 workshops in manual therapy
Ex –Executive Committee member of Indian Association of Physiotherapy
Organized 6 national and international conferences and many national PhysioQuizes
Have been invited speaker on TV shows and have been writing columns for monthly tabloid

Clinical experience and expertise

Have an experience of more than 20 years in the clinical arena . Have treated more than 20000 Patients with manual therapy and manipulative therapy Specialised in Spinal manual therapy , MET and foot and ankle manipulative therapy.


With a rich experience of over 20 years, Dr Maneesh is an award winning Physiotherapist .He is Doctorate in Osteopathy and Diploma holder in Manipulative therapy from Spain. He has certification in Advance Electro-Medicine from Phoenix U.S.A . He further holds Diploma in Manipulative Therapy in Extremities (UK) & Osteopathy from the Osteopathic College of Ontario, Canada.
He is a proud recipient of Physio Ratan (Jewel Of Physiotherapy) AIIMS 2013 and a treasurer of Life Time Achievement Award, SAARC Conference 2015.
His interest in academics has took him to greater heights with around 120 papers publications in various journals and numerous academic enhancements under his tutelage.
He is currently the Dean of Department of Physiotherapy, Sardar Bhagwan Singh(PG) Institute of Biomedical sciences and Research, Dehradun. Senior Consultant U’r Physiotherapy Clinic, Dehradun , Director Stem Rehab and associated with Orthocure Clinics as an advisor of Physiotherapy Practice since 2016.

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