Spine treatment in Gurgaon. Posture: the importance of posture for an individual cannot be understated. It directly affects their performance, energy, mental concentration & focus. There are no two ways about it that maintaining good health goes beyond appearance. It’s not just hours we spend at the gym or other physical activities but also the food we eat. However, the first step towards good health is improving our posture—something we easily overlook. Right from an early age, we are asked to stand or sit straight. Thus, these instructions carry a certain weight towards the individual for the rest of their lives.  

What is good posture? One of the simpler ways to put it is that it is an alignment of the body, whether standing or sitting. It is up to the individual as to whether or not to implement the requisite posture. By sitting/standing straight with our back arched and chest straight, our bones and joints are kept in optimal alignment, which helps reduce the wear and tear on supportive structures. Orthocure enables the provision of comprehensive services within orthopaedics, including lower back pain. 

However, many people have this common misconception that to maintain good posture, one must exercise daily or indulge in some sort of physical activity, such as sports. While no doubt all of this goes beyond maintaining a good posture and has its benefits, we also understand not everyone can take the time to implement these things. But practising good posture can easily be incorporated into our daily routine, even by standing, sitting, or simply lying down. As a commitment and dedication to the field of orthopedics Neck Pain Treatment in Gurgaon: remains A provision at Orthocure. 

Standing: While standing, make sure to stand at full height, keep your

back straight, and keep your knees slightly bent. Arch your back while keeping your chest out to keep the core muscles engaged. Now, maintain your body straight and avoid tilting your head back or to the side. 

Sitting: while sitting, keep your feet flat on the floor or on a footrest

to make sure they don’t dangle in the air. Avoid keeping your legs crossed at all times, and while sitting on a chair, make sure it supports the lower and middle back.  

Lying down: Many people believe that lying down straight on your back is the best position. But contrary to the belief, lying on the side is what truly helps you to avoid putting excess pressure on the back. Something we don’t realize when we sleep in an otherwise different position. However, sleeping on your stomach can be pretty harmful as it puts pressure on the back and worsens the back pain.  

Now that we have gone through the basics of good body posture and some minimalist tips on how to practice it let’s understand how it acts fruitfully in shrinking down the body pain, which we are likely to experience as we grow older, even affecting outcomes in knee pain treatment. 

Reduced back pain: It is a very common and well-known fact that having a bad posture will directly impact our back. And many of us do experience that eventually as we grow older. It’s a common phenomenon seen in a lot of individuals when they reach over the age of 30 as those with long working hours in the office make the common mistake of sitting in a slouched position, exerting pressure on the back. But this can be simply avoided by adjusting our sitting position and working on our posture.  

Higher energy levels: Improved or optimal posture levels directly affect your oxygen circulation and enable higher energy levels. Thus, they are crucial for professionals, workers and those engaging in intensive physical or mental activity.  

Improved/Better form when exercising: We can also go cross-training or do other exercises to maintain our fitness. While it’s true that having the right nutrition diet and calorie count is necessary for that, the importance of having the right posture while exercising also plays a key role. Imagine something as basic as doing push-ups but not having the correct posture. Poor posture while doing any exercise will not only have zero effects but also worse; it could also potentially cause an injury as all the weight will be distributed to 1 part of the body. So, a good posture not only eliminates the chance of injury or strain and pressure on 1 part of your body but also plays a key role in the gains of your muscles.         

Crucial for digestion: It is a common myth that as we start to age, having digestion issues is bound to happen to us as we grow older. But that is far from the truth. The reason for poor digestion has nothing to do with ageing,

but it has to do with the blood circulation in our body. And how we posture our bodies plays a crucial role. When we slouch or hunch, be it standing or sitting, our abdominal muscles are restricted, which does not allow for a free flow. But being in a proper posture, we will give our stomach muscles room to extract and contract. So, the longer we maintain this, the longer we can have good digestion for years to come.


Now, as we read above how a good posture works on body pain, digestion, energy levels & various other metrics regarding the human body. It is thus crucial to maintain a good posture all the time, but it’s not always easy for us to do this by ourselves. Orthocure fills that void by providing us with gym-type facilities for easy exercises to improve our posture and provide training for the same. Orthocure is regularly cited as the best orthopaedic clinic in Gurgaon.