Never Ignore a Lower Back Pain

Many take their lower back pain problem lightly and think that the pain may go away or disappear by itself over a period of time. However, sometimes even minor lower back pain can result in a more serious ailment at a later stage, if not attended to in time. 

Lower back pain can happen for any reason, like weight lifting, improper posture, and inappropriate sleeping position, sports injury, due to any extreme activity like bungee jumping, vigorous touring or mountaineering, ageing, spending too much time motionless on sofa / couch or bed watching TV etc. Lower back pain can happen due compression of nerves, muscle or tissue wear and tear, muscle sprain, inappropriate sitting position especially in long work hours etc. 

How to Deal with Lower Back Pain

The most obvious, natural and apparent way is to consult an experienced and seasoned Doctor, Physiotherapist, Orthopedist or Chiropractor, like at Orthocure healthcare. They have hands on experience and expertise in resolving the lower back pain problem at the earliest and in the most natural way. 

The Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists and Chiropractor at Orthocure healthcare provide the best treatment for lower back pain. They provide all the guidance, even post the treatment and 100% recovery of the patient, such as how to maintain the right posture, using the right crepe bandage, the right ointments, the best exercises, good habits and so forth.  Orthocure healthcare medical staff endeavors to have natural treatment and cure with virtually no use of medicines, as far as possible and avoidable, as these can have some side-effects in the future. 

The Best Back Pain Treatment

The specialty chain of clinics of Orthocure healthcare provide dedicated, focused and best back pain treatment. The methodologies, best practices and adjustment techniques used in the back pain treatment are the best in the industry, as per their norms and standards. The Doctors are specialists. The best back pain treatment depends on the type and area of lower back pain. There can be many causes for lower back pain occurring. 

The Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists, Chiropractor at Orthocure healthcare, in the process of treatment and after the pain is relieved, focus on strengthening the lower back pain area, which enables flexibility and makes movement back to normal in a more natural way. They tell about the best practices in maintaining a healthy lower back post the lower back pain treatment, such as weight watch, right food / diet, certain easy exercises, having a better posture, the appropriate sleeping position and so forth. Sometimes, even a small tip like using a suitable pillow and its stiffness can help relieve and maintain a proper lower back healthiness. All these aspects are discussed at length between the Doctor and patient.

Advantages of Back Pain Treatment at Orthocure Healthcare

To mention some of the advantages of having a back pain treatment done at Orthocure healthcare, are:

  • Safest clinic premises that prevent against Coronavirus pandemic, COVID-19
  • Most conveniently located clinics to choose from, spread across Gurgaon
  • Top of the line medical equipment used – MedX USA
  • Top of the line Doctors, Physiotherapists, Orthopedists and Chiropractor 
  • International experience and exposure of the Doctors and the Management

Orthocure Healthcare and the Best MedX USA Equipment 

Orthocure healthcare believes in the best sources that includes for the best medical equipment that it uses for the ultimate benefit of the patients; these are the MedX USA world class medical equipments. These are designed in such as way that it benefits both the patient and the medical staff in its functionality and ease of use. Many of the MedX high-quality / precision devices and equipment are passed under the prime US governing body FDA (a US Government agency, established in 1906).

Contacting any of the Orthocure Healthcare Chain of Clinics is Just or a Call or Click Away

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