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Mr. Sunil Baijal
( Founder)
Orthocure Healthcare Private Limited
Apr 2015 - Present • 8 yrs 4 months Gurgaon


The company founder is Mr Sunil Baijal. He is a mechanical engineer from Delhi College of Engineering, University of Delhi and MBA from FMS, University of Delhi. He had stints in Escorts Ltd and BHEL before joining MBA. After his MBA, he worked for 12 years with Deutsche Bank in Delhi, Mumbai & Singapore in investment banking. Thereafter, he co-founded Futures First in 2004 and was its CEO leading it from start up stage to a globally successfully company with multiple offices all over the world and becoming a dominant player in the area of fixed income and commodities futures trading.
player in the area of fixed income and commodities futures trading. In 2013, driven out of desire to improve healthcare in India, he founded Orthocure Healthcare to focus on and pioneer innovation in solving orthopaedic problems. As a patient, he felt the need to build Centres of Excellence where all sciences known to human knowledge and services need to solve a particular condition in best possible way are offered in one place. He chose orthopaedic problems as the area to pursue because of there was a huge unmet need as these conditions are the second biggest reason why people go to a doctor and multiple sciences like medicines, physiotherapy, chiropractic, medical exercise, surgery etc were offered as separate service offerings.
Orthocure Healthcare brings it all together and is building India’s 1st chain of specialty clinics for orthopaedic problems and gyms for 40+ age group and develops/manufactures products in the same domain for sale in India and abroad.
In this journey, I will be looking forward to associating and working closely together with a large number of healthcare professionals, whom I feel work very hard in India (and elsewhere as well) to ensure patient care, sometimes at the cost of their personal lives. For more information about our organization, please see
HealthStart Jan 2014 – Present • 9 yrs 7 months
HealthStart ( is India’s first accelerator program dedicated to support start ups in healthcare industry through funding, mentorship and other requisite support. Healthstart has been founded by a team of highly successful group of global professionals comprising of entrepreneurs, business executives and investment professionals with the sole aim to stimulate much needed healthcare entrepreneurship.
Futures First Jul 2004 – Mar 2015 • 10 yrs 9 months
Gurgaon, India
Co-founded Futures First in 2004. Led this company from start up stage to being the largest company globally in its domain. Futures First has multiple offices all over the world and employs people from the top institutes of each country. Futures First is a very unique company with a very different culture and way of looking at things. It has been successful in the extremely competitive world of financial markets but, in my opinion, has maintained a “soft” side which makes the environment and the people who work there so special.
Deutsche Bank March 2002- June 2004 12yrs 2 months
Structured Credit Finance and Fixed Income Trading. Structured Credit Finance and Fixed Income Trading.
March 1999 – Feb 2022
Mumbai India
Fixed Income Trading. As Chief Dealer of Deutsche Securities, the Primary Dealership arm of Deutsche Bank, I led its growth from start up stage to becoming the leading primary dealership firm in India.
Fixed Income and Money markets trading
Foreign Exchange and Fixed Income Sales & Trading
July 1993 – June 1994 – 1 year
New Delhi
Responsible for streamlining processes in Operations Department of Deutsche Bank.
May 1992 – June 1993 – 1 year 2 months
New Delhi

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