Have you ever experienced numbness, tingling or a pins-and-needles sensation in your hands? If so, you may be experiencing early symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome. While carpal tunnel syndrome can be debilitating, the good news is that it is treatable, especially if caught early. Here are some early signs of carpal tunnel syndrome to look out for.
Tingling and numbness
Another premature indication of carpal tunnel syndrome is often recounted as an excruciating feeling and may be accompanied by a burning or itching sensation. The tingling may occur in one or more fingers, and it may be more noticeable at night or in the morning. It may also be engendered by repetitive wrist movements, such as typewriting or playing an instrument.
Weakness in the hand
As carpal tunnel syndrome advances, weakness in the hand may occur. This can result in difficulty gripping objects and an increased tendency to drop things. Furthermore, tasks requiring precise fine motor skills, such as buttoning your shirt or tying your shoes, can become challenging. Weakness in the hand can also negatively impact job performance, particularly in roles that require repetitive hand motions or handling of heavy tools or machinery.
Burning sensation in your wrist
Burning in the wrist is another primary symptom of carpal tunnel syndrome. You can sense a burning feeling in your hand like your wrist is on fire. This feeling could occur more frequently at night or in the morning. Besides that, you might also feel this after using your hands repeatedly or for an extended amount of time.
Swelling in your hand
Another untimely evidence of carpal tunnel syndrome is hand swelling. You might discern that your fingers or hands feel bloated or swollen. Swelling could be more frequent after using your hands repeatedly or for prolonged amounts of time. Moreover, it could be more frequent in the morning or following a period of inactivity.
Difficulty with fine motor skills
Fine motor skills like writing, sewing, or playing an instrument are a few examples of what carpal tunnel syndrome may make difficult. Coordination and accuracy problems and a shaky or awkward sensation in your hand are possible symptoms. You can experience soreness at night that keeps you from falling asleep. It could also be more noticeable when you use your hands to grip or hold objects or make repeated motions like typing or using a computer mouse.
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