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Based on associations with healthcare practices in USA, Canada & Europe, our own research and collective inputs from our doctors, we have developed unique Orthocure 4 Point Protocol which aims to diagnose and treat musculoskeletal problems in a comprehensive and standardised way.

Accurate Diagnosis: This is the first important step as the treatment will go wrong if diagnosis is incorrect. In line with latest global thinking, Orthocure 4 Point Protocols are unique because

      • Evaluation: Human Body is a supported by a huge network of bones and muscles from head to toe. They form a “kinetic chain” – problems in one part often result in problems in another part. Hence, rather than focussing only on the damaged part (Eg disc in back problem or cartilage in arthritis), we also analyse the whole musculoskeletal structure supporting you. This enables us to “detect” the root of the problem resulting in not only resolution of the problem but also preventing its recurrence.
  • Orthocure Diagnostic Test Program: We use many more scientific tests than just X Ray and MRIs. X Rays and MRIs do not tell if your posture is wrong or your spine is misaligned or how much your muscles are strong or weak. Ironically, these factors are the root cause of majority of orthopaedic problems. We have developed Orthocure Diagnostic Test Program which is a collection of all these scientific tests which allow us to accurately diagnose orthopaedic problems.
  • Initial Pain Relief: Orthocure 4 Point Protocols focus on this aspect first to give you relief from your suffering. Majority of our patients are treated without any medicines or injections. Apart from conventional physical therapy methods, Orthocure 4 Point Protocols use many new technologies, which are used in Europe etc for pain relief. Some of these technologies are unique to our clinics and not being used in other clinics in the region where we are.
  • Structural Correction: After giving you initial pain relief, Orthocure 4 Point Protocols focus on “structural correction” to ensure we solve the problem from its roots giving you more pain relief and preventing recurrence.

This is a big difference between our clinics and what is currently being followed elsewhere in India. We focus on the following three areas.

  • Right Posture: “Sitting is known as the smoking of the current generation”. Human beings were made to walk, hunt and run. It is only during last few decades that “office” jobs have started and it is only during the 1990s that staring at computers became a big part of our lives. Now, over 80% of our waking hours are spent sitting – mostly in office, surfing web at home, watching TV, driving cars and probably you are sitting right now.

Its not only sitting. The way we stand and sleep also leads to tremendous strain on the spinal body structure causing back and neck and a host of musculoskeletal problems.

What makes Orthocure 4 Point Protocols different is that, instead of just giving general advice (which is tough to follow in practice) on how to improve posture, we scientifically test it and give specific directions to correct it.

  • Align & Strengthen the Bone Framework: Skeleton inside our body gives us support from head to toe. However, it is often misaligned leading to tremendous strain on the various parts of the body  which leads to many diseases. The science of Chiropractic is focused on analysing and adjusting these misalignments. In certain conditions, it leads to great relief for patients.
  • Release and Strengthen the Muscles: Our muscles often form knots or trigger points which are often the cause of pain. Orthocure 4 Point Protocols incorporate advanced Physical Therapy techniques which can only be delivered by skilled and trained Physical Therapists to release and flex the muscles.

Muscles are like ropes attached to the tent which hold it together. If they are weak, the body structures which it supports starts following apart.

We all know muscles are strengthened by exercises. But exercises are many times not done as we are either too lazy or busy to do them or they are not done correctly. Orthocure 4 Point Protocols take cognizance of this problem and we have devised ways to overcome this. Many of our clinics have machines which reduce the need to do exercises “homework”!

Not every bone and muscle condition
needs a surgery!

Orthocure offers surgery free treatment for your orthopaedic problems. Our 4 Point protocols and international medical equipment helps us in bringing accuracy and rectifying your problem with our regular exercise plans without any surgery.

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