Introduction : Remember the good old days of teenage years, when the energy was at an all time high, and we had all the time in the world to indulge in our favorite outdoor activities and sports. Sure there were the painful exams at the end of the year but fun always came first. And this also kept us active and helped us with our posture without even us realizing it. But then something changed. Well turns out as we got older, we slowly disconnected from those fun activities and somewhere, stopped looking after our posture.

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But like the old saying goes. It’s never too late. Sure things have changed for good now and we may not be able to incorporate those memorable activities like we did on a daily basis, but we can surely take some time out on summer breaks and relive our nostalgia while working and improving our posture.

Here are 10 activities we can try out.

Water rafting : There is nothing more satisfying than experiencing the thrill of those rapid tides coming towards you. As we paddle, it works on our arm posture and if by the end of it, it gets sore then that’s a good sign.

Rock climbing : Remember going for those summer camps, and trying out our hands at climbing those rocks. It seemed like a draining exercise of climbing till the top and then exhausting our legs. But what cannot be forgotten was how it exercised our back while we were busy reaching for the stars. So why not up the challenge a bit and go for it again.

Kayaking : Though a water sport but very different from rafting. While rafting is all about the thrill of fast waves, and having 4 members participate, kayaking on the contrary is more about paddling through calm water and the seat is ergonomic. The seat is designed in a way, which makes us sit with our back straight while we paddle.

Hiking/Trekking : How can we forget, carrying some heavy backpacks with water, food and sleeping bags, wrapped around our back and going for what seemed like a never ending journey to our camps. Well what could be better than reliving it again and feeling those satisfying burns in your legs.

Zumba/Salsa/Swing : What can be a better activity which gives a big adrenaline rush right through the get go. A fun dance lesson like zumba not just helps in posture but also works on all the muscles of the body. And if you have a partner, then missing out on a dance lesson like Salsa would be a crime.

Bike ride : The immense advantages and benefits of bike riding (cycling) is something we might be well aware of. But sadly because of our busy life, commuting between office and home takes too much of our time and plus the constant traffic which makes it hard for us to ride. Thankfully the summer break acts as a perfect getaway for us, to bring that old bike out to the streets and go for a ride with kids, friends or alone. Great way to exercise your legs.

Swimming : While we all may love the summer breaks, in certain areas, the temperature goes way too high for our liking and comfort, causing us to sweat. And I’m sure nobody likes that. So how about taking a dip in the pool?, and working those core muscles.

Starting a Yoga Routine : Surely, the thought of practicing Yoga to keep our body fit and flexible, must’ve surely crossed our minds. But be it because of procrastination or hectic office hours, we couldn’t incorporate it in our routine. So the summer break can be a perfect opportunity to practice the same.

TV Workout : Maybe you just love binge watching and can’t help but wish to finish a season of your favorite episode in just 1 watch altogether. But how about making it count. Instead of lying on bed, or sitting on the couch with unhealthy junk food, why not implement some light exercises to go along with it. Something as basic as jumping jack, plank or squats while watching your favorite series can surely go a long way.

Obstacle Course : some of the fun exercises can be in the form of Army crawl, or trying to climb the rope. It can be done both in team exercises or even being competitive against each other.

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Conclusion : We often live in the misconception that exercising can be very tiring and requires a lot of effort. And that is the mindset which Orthocare aims at changing. They provide some fun workout routine of their own which makes the whole activity fun.