Have you ever wondered how your bones are connected to your muscles? It is through tendons, a strong and fibrous tissue that is in between your bones and muscles, that act as a medium of connection. Tendons are cables of our body connecting the two most vital elements of human physiology. These tissues are very strong, but this nowhere means that they cannot be destructed. Sometimes tendonitis can make you search for the best orthopaedic clinic.

Tendonitis is a condition of damaged tendons that is caused due to vulnerability and constant use of these tissues.

The awareness on this subject with all preventive measures is what we aim to target in this blog. An education on symptoms and treatment plans is mandatory.

Here’s what you really need to know:

Tendonitis has effects on several body parts
Tendons are what connects bone to muscles, so wherever you feel the bone and muscle connection, it is the tendon in between them that is a support. The flexibility with which you stretch and rotate your joint is the result of tendons in between them. Because of their presence in several parts of the body, tendonitis can develop anywhere. Some areas include shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles and heels. As per the most affected area with maximum pain and discomfort, your orthopaedic will suggest you related solutions.

Symptoms of tendonitis might not be the same for everyone
Have you heard the phrase “excess of anything is bad?” Well, this is exactly the reason for tendonitis. When the tendons stretch beyond what is meant and supported well, it leads to tendonitis.
Here are a few symptoms that you might experience if you are suffering from a tendon trauma:
Moving and flexing that particular area is painful
Limited range of motion in the particular area
Feel of a “granting sensation while moving the affected joint
Inflammation and swelling of the affected area

Tendonitis is a preventable problem
You might feel that higher engagement of your tendons will lead to the problem of tendonitis, but that isn’t true. On the contrary, you can avoid this problem with the right knowledge and implementation of techniques.
Here are ways to prevent tendonitis.
Ensure that your tendons are warmed-up
Look if they are flexible enough
Check for the vulnerability of tearing and other damages.
An orthopaedic consultancy might help you with more tips and measures to protect your tendons.

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