Introduction : Cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball are just some of the very common sports we have grown up playing. And in some cases as we have ventured into adulthood, we still play it today. Who doesn’t love the adrenaline, rush of blood and the dopamine you get by playing your favorite sport. But also while playing sports, we are gonna experience some injuries on our way, no matter how preventive we are or how much we try to avoid. You can be a cristiano ronaldo or virat kohli, all you want, but even the professional sportsmen who we idolize to experience injuries throughout their career. Now let’s discuss 5 most common injuries we encounter often while playing.

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Contusion : A contusion or most commonly known as a bruise, is a small injury to the soft tissue. It normally happens due to a blunt trauma like falling or getting hit by a ball.

Sprain :. When a ligament is stretched or gets torn, beyond its limit, that’s when a sprain is caused. They mostly affect the knee, wrist and knee.

Strain : When a muscle or tendon gets pulled, twisted or torn, that’s when we experience strain. But in some cases, the strain can impact the muscle in a very major way. One example of strain is tennis elbow. Cricket enthusiasts would know that when the famous cricketer Sachin Tendulkar suffered this injury, it was career threatening for him, as it nearly forced him into retirement during the peak of his career.

Fracture : Sometimes a blow or a fall can result in breaking of the bones. This is what’s called fracture. It can range from a hairline fracture which is only a thin fracture and may not run in the entire body, all the way to compound fracture in which the broken bone protrudes through the skin. Fractures are commonly seen in arms and legs.

Dislocation : When extreme force is put on a ligament and as a result causes 2 connected bones to separate, that’s when we experience dislocation.

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