Today, staying at home is the new normal for the people due to COVID-19 pandemic. This has resulted not only in increasing the stress levels but also posing greater challenges to the mental and physical well-being of the individual. Long hours of work from home, sitting in front of laptops, poor body posture, lack of exercises etc. are causing various musculoskeletal problems.

In the current scenario with the above mentioned daily routine, physical activity becomes utmost important to protect the well-being of the person. Various exercises and simple tips can help you stay active and reduce sedentary lifestyle to combat the effects of inactivity and physical stress. The following recommendations can be achieved at the ease from your home, without any special equipment and space.

  1. SETTING GOALS- It shall be the first thing in the morning so that you can complete it before the days distractions kick in.
  2. TAKE SHORT “ACTIVE BREAKS”- Take a break after each 30 mins of continuous sitting and it has to be an “active break”! make a pending phone call and walk while talking, walk on the spot or around your house. Go and get yourself a cup of tea/coffee/water from the kitchen, Play a song and jump/stretch for 5 mins, Perform domestic chores such as cleaning and arranging the room, go up and down the stairs, use a box to perform step-ups.
  3. STAY MOTIVATED- Do remain positive and motivated to do exercises to keep orthopaedic clinic problems at a bay! Some simple exercises to follow are
    1. Neck stretches
    2. Chin Tucks
    3. Back mobility exercises
    4. Deep breathing
    5. Kinetic chain stretches.
  4. DANCE PART- play some music every evening and dance with your family! Its fun booster, a form of exercise and stress reliever!!

Below are the suggestions of some general exercises which can be started:

Chin Tucks

Neck Exercises

Back Mobility Exercises

Breathing Exercise

Chain Stretch

Chain Stretch

Chain Stretch

Chain Stretch


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