Introduction : A lot of times in our day to day life, we don’t pay enough attention to our body and how we treat it. Sometimes even smaller things make an impact including the way we spend our day at the office or home. Our position whether we sit,stand or simply resting on a couch or bed can hugely affect our body if we don’t pay attention to our posture.

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An improper posture can have some very negative effects on our body. While it’s understandable that we spend most of our day working, we often neglect our posture and body position which can lead to a lot of pain and cause significant problems if not treated on time. Let’s go through some of these problems

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Spine Curvature : The three main curves of a proper aligned spine forms an S shape. But a bad posture, especially during sleeping hours, causes this alignment to shift. Our spines are built to absorb shock. But a bad posture slowly deteriorates this natural ability, which can lead to some serious injuries as we age.

Back Pain : The most common side effect of a bad posture is experiencing back pain in the body. Slouching forward puts a lot of strain and pressure on our body. Not maintaining a straight back is also 1 of the common reasons behind injury during gym. An improper posture while lifting heavy weights can lead to severe consequences.

Neck pain : Poor posture is not just restricted to us sitting or standing in an improper way. Even the manner in which lying down on our bed, can lead to some serious pain if we don’t pay enough attention.

Troubled digestion : This is mostly seen in individuals who work long hours in the office. Sitting in a poor posture for so long can lead to digestive issues. Continuing to neglect our posture compresses the organs which slows down the digestive process and can cause stomach issues.

Lack of motivation : Not sitting in a proper posture especially during work hours, can lead to a negative effect on our working conditions. Aside from the pain and being uncomfortable, our mind will be distracted by this and not allow us to remain focused at work.

Poor sleep : Deficient posture often puts our entire system of muscle in a compromising position. If we are unable to relax our body in the night, we end up tossing and turning throughout the night which results in the loss of sleep.

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Conclusion : There is no doubt that not paying proper attention to posture can have dire consequences. Orthocure not only treats the side effects caused by bad posture but also helps in giving coaching lessons on how to improve and maintain the posture in the easiest manner.