ACL stands for Anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). The ACL reconstruction is the process that works to restore strength and stability of the knee after complete wearing and tearing of the ligament, making it more like a knee replacement surgery. In the surgical procedure of ACL reparation, the remainings of the torn ligament are replaced with any other one from the body.

The knee of a human body is actually a joint called the ‘hinge joint’, which connects the tibia, the femur, the thighbone, and the shinbone. Four ligaments together support this important joint connecting the bones to each other:
Lateral collateral ligament (LCL)
Medial collateral ligament (MCL)
Anterior collateral ligament (ACL)
Posterior cruciate ligament (PCL)

In order to protect the tibia and femur from slipping into each other, the ACL runs diagonally between them. The knees become stable through this ligament that stabilises the knee while rotating.

ACL Tear
So, most of the time, when you hear a sportsperson suffering from knee injuries, it is actually the ACL tear that happens through high-impact sports participation. While being a part of common sports like basketball, football, soccer, skiing, and hockey, the most common consequence is the ACL tear when the player or athlete pivots or twists.

The number of ACL injuries is constantly increasing every year, and a very considerable proportion of them go for reconstructive surgery.

Reasons for the performance of ACL reconstruction
ACL reconstruction surgery is performed to regain strength and mobility in the knee. ACL surgery isn’t an immediate solution. It is helpful for those who suffer from unrelieved pain; some cases of torn ligaments heal without surgery; however, you might get a suggestion to go for it if:
You are younger and actively engaged in physical activities
The knee pain is regular
Your knee buckles while engaging in activities like walking
If you have a desire to remain active and participate enthusiastically in sports

Aftereffects of ACL surgery
Once you are done with your ACL reconstruction surgery, you will be given pain relief medications and asked to keep the incision clean as well as dry. The swelling and pain can be relieved by icing the wound.
Following are the key symptoms you can expect after the ACL surgery:
Little pain in the affected area
A restriction on activities for months
At least six weeks dependence on crutches for walking
One week wearing of knee brace
You can expect to get back your range of motion in your knee within a few weeks and also return to sports in between six to 12 weeks.

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