Back pain is one of the most common conditions that affect the adult population today. It is one of those conditions that lead to decrease in quality of life and also creates a negative spiral where the person is hit physically, financially and mentally. Why is that? That is because once back pain remains unattended or the cause of the pain is ignored, it slowly starts transitioning into a majorly ignored and severely understated condition known as Chronic Back Pain. Once this starts happening, it takes a toll on the patient’s mental health, as well as financial well-being since it incurs damages to the work efficiency at office or workplace. Today, back pain can be addresses through various treatment methods, some of them including Surgery, pain medications, Physical Therapy rehab, Alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage therapy, chiropractic, energy therapies, diet etc.
Why Seek Alternative treatment for back pain
There are a number of reasons as to why people opt for alternative therapies for back pain. Some of them are listed below-
1. Avoiding side effects of medication: Some people may want to avoid the potential side effects of medication, such as drowsiness or stomach upset, particularly if they have other health conditions or are taking other medications.
2. Non-invasive treatment: Alternative treatments such as chiropractic, acupuncture, or massage therapy are non-invasive and may be preferable to someone who wants to avoid surgical procedures or injections.
3. Personal preference: Some people may simply prefer alternative treatments to traditional medical treatments, either because they are more comfortable with them or have had positive experiences in the past.
4. Belief in the effectiveness of alternative treatments: Some people may believe that certain alternative treatments, such as herbal remedies or energy healing, are effective in alleviating their back pain.
5. Integrative approach: Some people may seek alternative treatment as part of an integrative approach to their health, combining traditional medical treatments with complementary and alternative therapies.
Massage therapy and its plausible benefits for back pain
Massage therapy is a common treatment option for back pain, as it can potentially provide relief from pain and other symptoms. Here are some of the possible benefits of massage therapy for individuals struggling with back pain:
• Pain reduction: Massage therapy can lessen the intensity of pain experienced in the back by relaxing muscles and reducing muscle tension. It can also trigger the release of endorphins, which are natural painkillers that can help alleviate pain.
• Improved range of motion: Regular massage therapy can help improve mobility and flexibility in the back, leading to an increased range of motion.
• Stress relief: Back pain can be stressful and may exacerbate feelings of anxiety and depression. Massage therapy promotes relaxation and reduces stress levels, which can help individuals cope better with their back pain.
• Reduced muscle tension: Back pain is often caused by muscle tension in the back, which can be reduced through massage therapy. This helps to alleviate pain and promote better circulation, which can lead to faster healing.
• Improved sleep: Back pain can make it difficult to sleep, and lack of sleep can exacerbate back pain. Massage therapy can help individuals with back pain relax and sleep better, leading to less pain and improved overall health.
While massage therapy may not be a cure for back pain, it can provide relief and may be used in conjunction with other treatment options to promote healing and recovery. It is important to consult a healthcare provider before beginning any new treatment, including massage therapy, to ensure that it is safe and appropriate for an individual’s specific condition.
Acupuncture treatment For back pain
There are many studies and research papers available that suggest that acupuncture can be effective in reducing back pain. Acupuncture involves the insertion of fine needles at specific points along the body’s meridian lines to stimulate the body’s natural healing process. This therapy potentially restores imbalances in energy flow, circulation and releases muscle tension, leading to pain relief in many back pain issues. However, it is essential to consult a qualified acupuncturist before opting for acupuncture therapy, especially if you have underlying health issues.
Chiropractic Adjustments and its efficacy against back pain
Chiropractic adjustments can help relieve back pain by addressing the underlying issues that may be causing the pain. These adjustments involve manipulating the joints in the spine to improve mobility, reduce inflammation, and alleviate pressure on nerves.
Many common causes of back pain, such as muscle strain and poor posture, can be positively impacted by chiropractic adjustments. They are a natural, non-invasive way to treat back pain without the use of medication or surgery.
Although chiropractic adjustments may not be suitable for everyone, studies have shown that they can be an effective way to manage and reduce back pain. It’s important to speak with a qualified chiropractor to determine if this treatment option is right for you.