Importance of Foot Insoles for Feet

The whole of the human body’s weight descends on the bottom area of the feet (soles) or specifically the plantar fasciitis. This is the fiber tissue on the bottom of the foot that connects the heels area to the last foot point – the toes. Foot insoles in the footwear help protect, balance body and prevent from any injuries, jerks, lower back pains etc which may avoid any person going to an artificial limb center for treatment. 

A brief about Foot Insoles

Foot insoles are recommended especially for those who have lower back pains, knee problem, stiff legs etc. Foot insoles provide an extra layer of comfort as these absorb jerks, especially on the lower back pain area, knee…but the whole body as well. 

Leading footwear companies carryout continuous research and development on foot insoles and footwear, and bring new and technologically advanced products to the market; to name a few dominant footwear companies – Bata, Liberty, METRO, Relaxo, Lakhani, Red Chef, Sparx, Action, ASICS, Le Coq Sportif, Mizuno, VANS, Converse, Onitsuka Tiger, Clarks, Adidas, Reebok, Nike, Puma, New Balance, Speedo (footwear), Martino, FootJoy Golf etc.

Wearing the right footwear plays an important role. Even if the footwear is hard, tight or uncomfortable, making use of foot insoles solves that problem; otherwise it can lead to ailments like lower back pain, harming/ spoiling of knee caps etc, and may lead a person going for treatment to an artificial limb center. 

Who should Wear Foot Insoles?

Any person can wear foot insoles for better care of the feet and the whole body, especially to avoid lower back pain. As above, the entire body’s weight and pressure falls on the feet. When we walk, jog, travel, or even sit on a chair, wearing foot insoles helps in comforting the foot, especially from jerks as at times a person tends to get up from chair suddenly, whether in office, getting on/off a car/ 2-wheeler or moving around in market etc. 

Foot insoles are a must especially for hard-soled footwear like formal shoes. It is like vehicle tyres with thin rubber tread and thick rubber tread. Tyres with thicker treads tend to be less jerky, less noisy, better for car parts/body components, and generally good for the whole vehicle. Similarly, good comfortable foot insoles make a comforting and less jerky impact on the whole body.  A person having lower back pain, knee problem etc should ideally wear good quality foot insoles. Those who are compelled to visit artificial limb center for treatment are often advised by Doctors to use ideal foot insoles. 

What makes Foot Insoles good?

Best brands and foot care companies manufacture foot insoles with best of material and design. They take into regard multiple aspects, such as size, age, usage such as for walks, trekking, sports etc. They make foot insoles for specific purposes. Orthocure chain of Clinics in Gurgaon stocks these best quality foot insoles. 

Advantages and Benefits of Foot Insoles

Some of the advantages and benefits of foot insoles are:

  • Less jerks on the whole body
  • Less toll on the foot, legs, knee, ligaments etc, thereby also avoiding lower back pain
  • Excellent for those with foot problems, such as flat-footedness 
  • Recommended for certain tedious Sports activities and exercises 
  • Make jogging or walking in park, market etc an enjoyable experience
  • Balances the shoes, especially formal or hard-soled shoes
  • It reduces pains or discomforts, especially for lower back pain
  • Hygienic – Foot insoles can be removed and washed for re-use
  • Avoidance of going to artificial limb center

Some Tips for Perfect Foot

Whenever a person buys new or next footwear, s/he should try to give importance to the comfort factor of the footwear. Even if the shoes are hard-soled, provision to place foot insoles should be there. Buying the right footwear size makes a difference too. Lower back pain is reduced by using foot insoles. 

Foot massages from time-to-time relax the muscles, nerves of the feet. The Doctors and Physiotherapists at Orthocure take every precaution and measure to ensure that the foot working system remains fine. Some of the foot related treatments are also undertaken by the experienced French Chiropractor in Orthocure. So make sure to take care that will lead to avoidance of going to an artificial limb center. 

Where to Get Best Foot Insoles?

As above, each of the Orthocure clinics in Gurgaon is well stocked with best foot insoles of different sizes to fit any particular requirement related to feet or related ailments. Wearing foot insoles can avoid back pain treatment in future. Along with providing the best foot insoles, Orthocure also uses the best physiotherapy and overall physical wellness equipment – MedX USA.

Where to get treatment for foot-related pains or lower back pain treatment?

Foot, knee, leg, foot treatments are carried out at the Orthocure chain of Clinics in Gurgaon. For a FREE consultation, please call at +91 – 9821451214.


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