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A stabbing or sharp pain and a constant, dull ache accompanied by a tingling or burning sensation could be the warning signs. This is exactly how a victim of chronic back pain feels; there is always discomfort or just the fear of returning pain. And then ultimately, you imagine the reason why you landed there.

No, it isn’t because you have a “bad” back? It is your chronic back pain that is causing such a flare of pain in that region.

What is Chronic back pain?

Chronic back pain is the stabbing pain in the lower spine area that happens for a prolonged period. It might give you a few moments of relief, but it keeps on returning now and then. When left untreated for a long period, it can result in a severe condition.
Most Chronic pain has various underlying conditions triggered by an awkward movement or a fall. But, they aren’t always the root cause.
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Symptoms of Chronic Back Pain:

As already discussed, chronic back pain lasts for a much longer period. Chronic back pain does not have a specific reason, like an event or injury; to be precise, it doesn’t even heal without medical treatment.
What you might be experiencing can also be acute back pain. In that case, it might come suddenly and go away within two to six weeks. If you are suffering from chronic back pain, you could end up avoiding activities or try to compensate in other ways that can eventually make your pain worse in the longer run.

Is Chronic Back pain common?

Yes, it is pretty common. 8 out of 10 people experience some back pain once in their lifetime. Amongst all those who suffer from back pain, one-tenth are sufferers of chronic back pain.

Here are some possible causes of back pain:

Deconditioning of muscles

This condition is also called muscle atrophy. It counts as one of the most common reasons for chronic back pain.
The primary reason for this is the muscle’s lost stability and strength to support you properly. Eventually, it leads to the wear and tear of the muscles.

Improper mechanics or body posture

Daily habits have a very major contribution towards all problems and also towards mysteries. More of it is like it can make you and break you as well. A particular body posture or body mechanics can end up stressing your spine and staining the soft tissues surrounding it. Especially for office workers sitting on the desk without stretching, the muscles could end up with tightened hip flexors and weaken hips and hamstring muscles, overall concluding to lower back pain.

Many other reasons can lead to severe chronic back pain. The best thing to do is to make a run to your physician immediately. We at Orthocure help you with treatment methods guided by our experienced expertise. We are Spine specialist in gurgaon presenting solutions to all such problems.