Sciatica is a symptom of leg pain due to unfavorable lower back conditions. The sciatic nerve begins at the bottom of the back and descends through the back of the leg. The sciatic nerve is symptomatic for many reasons. Herniated discs, stenosis or nervous narrowing, strain in the hip or misalignment in the pelvis can be common problems resulting in sciatica. The symptoms of Sciatica might include pain, stupor, tingling, tightness, burning and leg muscle weakness. Medication, stretching and, most important, physical therapy can be the treatment for sciatica. Sciatica pain treatment in Gurgaon can help you relieve the pain.

Benefits of physical therapy in sciatica

A rehabilitation programme will reduce or eliminate your pain, standardise physical mechanics to relieve nervous compression, improve core muscle strength, increase muscle and flexibility and optimise functional activities. It can help to lower inflammation and pain, enhance physical function and prevent sciatica symptoms from recurrence. In addition, your physiotherapy programme, which often involves a long-term improved home exercise programme, can teach you how to improve your posture.

Manual treatment and stretching techniques may reduce nerve compression forces caused by such things as dysfunction in the hip joint, muscle spasm, etc. Renforcement of the spine and tendons and muscles could also contribute to relieving some sciatic pain. Strong core muscles reduce pain by supporting the spine and keeping it aligned so that in future, you are less likely to experience Sciatica.

Stretching is also proposed and designed to target muscles that are tight and rigid and cause pain. It is also important to stretch your nerve because it is designed for the sciatic nerve to glide freely across muscles, fascia and other body structures.

Physical therapy and exercise help the lower back, pelvic, abdominal, buttocks, and thigh tissue strengthen and mobilise.

The purposes of physical treatment and practise for signs and symptoms of sciatica are: The following:

Restoration of painless movement patterns
Reduce muscle spasm Reduce lower back, fins, thighs and leg pain
Restores sacroiliac and lumbar spine joint function
Enhancing lower body mobility
To promote a better cure for the lower back
Promote neurology to reduce the perception of pain
Prevent future pain outbreaks and reduce movement fear

Commitment and frequent use of physical therapy and exercise for sciatica are important attributes in the successful treatment. Orthocure, a spine clinic in Gurgaon is specialised in back pain, sciatic relief and recovery therapy. We are proud to offer our patients the best available physical therapy and go beyond it. Our highly qualified physiotherapist works together with you to improve your function and alleviate your pain. We begin by evaluating the entire body. Often, it is more than just body part or muscle harm that causes pain or injury. At Orthocure, We will always provide guidance until every goal you have set yourselves with us on day one is successfully fulfilled. To schedule your appointment, contact us today!