Why is it important to figure out the underlying cause of wrist pain when it is fairly common among people who play golf on a regular basis? It is imperative to find the root cause of wrist pain as only an accurate diagnosis can lead to an effective treatment plan. 

The points mentioned below will make you understand the cause of golf-related injury, wrist pain, and how a sports injury clinic in Gurgaon or elsewhere can provide you relief from the pain and discomfort, thereby enhancing performance. 

Several reasons can cause wrist injury while playing golf.

  1. Overexertion

This is common in people who usually play golf during the weekends and end up putting excessive strain on their wrist due to overuse. The irregular pattern with an exaggerated time stretch of golf play all contribute to injury as you end up hurting yourself if you don’t play golf during the weekdays but only on weekends that too for longer durations at a time. Trying to hit buckets of balls constantly to improve play also causes wrist pain and injury.

  1. Hitting rock, rough, or root   

The sudden deceleration of the club caused due to hitting a root, rock, or rough causes wrist injuries. The most injuries that one might have as a consequence of this are being Hamate fractures and Tendonitis. It is imperative to check the surrounding area of the ball to be wary of immovable objects that might obstruct your swing path.

  1. Hitting Surface

 In comparison to natural grass, hitting off mats can generate a larger shock force on the body with each swing. One can avoid injury by avoiding iron shots while hitting off mats. Long irons, fairway woods, and hybrids tend hit with more of a sweeping arc and are safer to hit off mats. 

  1. Previous injury

Golfers with a history of past injuries are more susceptible to wrist pain and injury. It is necessary to give your body the proper healing time and avoid returning to golf until you do not experience any discomfort or pain, and your wrist can perform a painless range of motions. 

  1. Swing Technique

Seek guidance from reputable golf instructors to build proper technique as a poor swing technique like gripping the club too tightly can cause injury and wrist pain.

When to consult a specialist or Orthopedist?

The injury can vary in severity, which would influence the symptom and degree of discomfort one would experience, and eventually the treatment plan that would work for them. One can visit a specialist after they have experienced pain to understand and assess the root cause of the problem. An orthopedic doctor during the initial stages may prescribe compression wrap or wrist braces to alleviate discomfort, but if the pain persists accompanied by an increase in the magnitude, surgery might also be advised for you. 

During the consultation and while examination of your injury, you might be asked to undergo tests such as X-Ray, MRI scan, ultrasound, or CT scan to help in diagnosis. If you have injured your tendons, then physical therapy and rest might be advised. Injections can also be prescribed to start the healing process and reduce inflammation. For severe cases, surgery might be the option if other methods don’t work effectively.

Golf injuries can substantially lower your performance and if not resolved from the root can increase the chances of recurrence. Orthocure Clinics with its team of highly specialized orthopedic doctors, physiotherapists, and chiropractor provides personalized healthcare under one roof. Our integrated treatment approach severs the hassle of you visiting separate clinics or specialists as a part of the treatment procedure or process like a separate physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon or elsewhere for recuperation. Our GolfFit Program for golfers covers and ensures every aspect, compromising of consultation, structural correction, and exercises, that are needed to bring you back on the path of a good game and pain-free life.


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