Back pain or neck pain is usually neglected by individuals until the situation becomes severe or starts causing great discomfort in the body. While old age people are mostly affected by neck pain due to loss of the body’s ability to repair with aging, the pain in itself should not be ignored and left unattended as just some minor discomfort.

Introduction to what is cervical pain?

The pain is caused due to wear and tear of the bones, cartilages, and due to changes in the bones, joints, or disc connected to the neck. The severity of the pain can vary from being mild to severe and demands different treatments at each stage. While taking pain medication to curb pain is a common occurrence in many households, one should keep in mind that an expert opinion is needed to resolve the situation and stop it from worsening. Completely halting any activity around the neck is not advised as it may cause stiffness and muscle atrophy, therefore one can always retain activities like walking, yoga, swimming in their routine after a consultation with a specialist.

Symptoms associated with cervical pain

It is an inevitable truth that technology promotes an environment not very conducive for a healthy spine. Keeping busy with our phone and tablets do not provide a respite in addition to an inactive sedentary lifestyle. Some of the symptoms of cervical pain are:-

  • Experiencing numbness and pain in the neck, shoulders, and arm.
  • Experiencing Frequent headaches, muscle tightness, and spasms.
  • Loss of balance and trouble while walking.
  • Experiencing weird sensations and discomfort while turning your neck.

Cervical pain causes

Following are the causes of spinal pain:-

  • Diseases and injury- An injury in the neck area and diseases like rheumatoid arthritis can cause cervical pain.
  • Worn joints and dehydrated spinal disc- Spinal discs are present between the spine which on drying cause chronic cervical pain due to the friction.
  • Bone spurs formed by the body after damage to cartilages between bones affect joint motion and cause cervical pain.
  • Strain on the neck and its overuse- Bad sitting and standing posture put pressure on the neck and back resulting in pain.
Diagnosis and treatment of cervical pain

Persistent neck and back pain is an indicator to consult a specialist. Analysis of the situation and diagnosis of the condition involves gentle pressing near the neck area to assess the severity of pain followed by certain tests that examine the strength of shoulders, arms, and fingers. The doctor may ask a few questions regarding the frequency and severity of pain to understand your situation better. Questions related to the area where the pain occurs, any other discomfort, or any activity that aggravates it can also be asked. Therapy, surgery, and medications are the treatments used for cervical pain treatment and back pain treatmentdepending on the severity.

  • Short-term immobilization is the use of a soft collar which helps in relieving pain by removing pressure from the neck but it should be worn after consulting with your doctor and following the proper instructions.
  • Chiropractic treatment can be very effective in treating cervical pain through chiropractic manipulation or neck adjustment which loosens up the joints of the cervical vertebrae and thus reducing pain caused by pinched nerves and muscle spasms.
  • Inculcating proper postures in your life, guidance from a physiotherapist on the alignment of the body, and neck strengthening exercises all help in reducing cervical pain.
  • Steroid injections with numbing medications can be used in the muscles of the neck, near the roots of the nerve to alleviate pain.
  • Surgery may be rarely required but might be an optimal solution for someone suffering from chronic cervical pain.

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