In your daily life activities, you could end up hurting your ankle in a minor or severe way. It is one of the most common problems since movement is ever-persisting in the life of a human being. If one has been injured likewise, correct and timely treatment becomes vital. So, it is important to find the source of ankle sprain treatment near you.
Your foot is connected to your lower leg through your ankle joint. For your ankle bones to be in place, three ligaments work in support of the task. An ankle sprain is caused when one of these three ligaments is stretched away from its origin.

Generally, an ankle sprain grades in three categories:

Mild: In this case, your ligament isn’t torn; it just stretches away from the original place. Some stiffness and pain generally accompany this condition.

Moderate: In this case, one or more ligaments is partially torn, destabilizing your usual movement. One can experience swelling and moderate pain in such a condition.

Severe: In this case, one or maybe more than one ligament is completely torn, making your ankle unstable during movement. It is accompanied by a lot of pain, restricting flexibility and free motion.

Causes and Reasons behind Sprained Ankle

Whenever your ankle stretches more than what your body is capable of at that moment, you can end up hurting your ankle resulting in an ankle sprain.

The various reasons why you could damage your ankle include:

Planting your foot the wrong way while running or performing daily life activities
Stepping on someone while playing sports
Walking through an uneven surface
While there are many other reasons, these count to be the most common ones.

According to facts, women, children, and teenagers are likely to suffer more ankle strains.

Even if you play sports, most probably on an indoor court, have balance problems, wear high-heels or footwear that doesn’t fit right, or have weak and stiff ankles, you are most likely prone to ankle injuries. The best advice, in this case, is to be careful while getting involved in such activities.

Symptoms of ankle sprain

You are in need to see a therapist when:
The swelling and bruising around the area is enormous and does not reduce over time.
The area has become sensitive with frequently occurring painful moments while performing normal activities like walking or standing.
Redness in the area for a prolonged period
The instability around the joint area becomes excessive
You experience trouble walking or moving

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