Introduction : In recent times, it has become very easy to fall into the trap of an unhealthy lifestyle. From bad eating habits to not feeling the need to do anything constructive. It’s not like we want things served to us on a platter. But the advancement in technology and modern lifestyle has made us lazy, as slowly we have gotten used to things being done so easily for us than it was 10 years back.

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From having food delivered to our doorsteps within 30 min to not having a complete sleep due to the excessive habit of binge watching and staying up late at night. All these habits of not being active and not focusing on the well being of our body, makes us old and tired out in what’s supposed to be our prime years.

So while falling into a trap of unhealthy lifestyle seems tempting and easy to fall into, adopting a wholesome way of living, may at first feel a little difficult and take time to adapt, but it’s quick to show its result with not only improvement in our health and well being but also a productive,happier state of mind and energy just like we felt in our adolescence years when we felt like we could conquer the world.

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So let’s have a look at 4 easy yet rewarding lifestyle habits that can help you take the first step towards a healthier and rewarding lifestyle.

Embracing a healthy morning routine : There is no denying that at first, waking up early in the morning will particularly feel like a daunting task. But the benefits you can reap can be beyond imaginable. Getting a headstart to the day will not just feel satisfying but also helps in completing our targets for the day. Embarking on this routine plays a key role in us feeling fresh and active throughout the day.

Focusing on getting an adequate amount of sleep : In an era of netflix and prime video, it’s easy to simply get glued to your TV screens and watch non stop episodes of your favorite series. We are so keen in finding out what Walter White (Breaking Bad) will do to get out of a peculiar situation or watching our old fav episode from the past like FRIENDS to relive nostalgia and getting lost in it. But we get so glued and invested, that we lose a track of time and end up compromising on our sleep. For a healthier mind and body probably the most important aspect is getting at least a 7 hour of sleep. Early to sleep and early to rise may sound like an ancient mantra but has worked for centuries.

Implementing a healthy diet and staying active : 1 of the most important aspects of growing forward in life is to do with how we feel on the inside. Do we feel confident and charged or lazy and unmotivated? If you find yourself dealing with latter issues, then it’s high time to change eating habits. While we are often in such a rush to get to office, complete our reports and maybe even get back home, that we often neglect a healthy diet and settle for processed or unhealthy food. Doing harm which is bound to affect us in the long run. Eating healthy not just improves our health but also plays a crucial role in keeping our mind and body fresh and productive. We feel good about ourselves which translates into being more confident and energetic.
But alongside a good and healthy diet, it is also very important to implement some form of exercise. Now we understand not everyone likes to go to the gym and go after heavy weights. But exercise is not just limited to the gym. It can be implemented through, going on for early morning walks or riding a bike, or playing your favorite sport.

Implementing healthy coping strategies – There are bound to be days or even months, when we feel overwhelmed with work and stress in our day to day life. Reasons can be both personal and professional. We often find ourselves feeling stressed out, fatigued all the time or even depressed. Things aren’t always rainbow and sunshine but it’s about what we do to cope up with such scenarios. But even if we can just take out some time on our weekends, it can make all the difference. Like learning to play guitar or taking up dancing lessons to doing Yoga and meditation. All these habits gradually release the negative emotions from our mind and heart.

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