Why is Exercising Important Post Hip Fracture Treatment?

Post hip fracture treatment at a specialized physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon exercising is important for keeping hip area moving, for gradual healing, keeping overall body fit, healthy and active in tandem especially related to the hip / groin. It is a part of the cure and process in natural healing of the hip over time.

What happens in a Broken or Fractured Hip? What to Avoid?

A fracture on hip can be caused by multiple reasons / causes, such as accident, in sport or game activity, slipping on road, bathroom, age factor for hip / groin, and so forth. As a person crosses 60 or 65 years of age, s/he needs to take more care of the hip and not strain it too much, depending on health status, especially while picking up heavy items such as loaded groceries, heavy furniture or boxes etc.

Some of the indications of a hip or groin malfunction or fracture is the pain or inability to get up from chair, bed etc. A person is unable to or experiences pain in basic activities such as lifting a pile of books, boxes, groceries, shifting furniture, climbing stairs etc. There may also be some sort of struggle in walking, jogging, cycling etc.

How Much Should One Exercise after the Hip Fracture Treatment?

After a hip fracture treatment and recovery, a gradual increase in exercises is good. One should not strain the hip by indulging in extensive or acute exercises or picking up heavy items etc from day one after the rehab at the clinic with the best physiotherapist in Gurgaon or surgeon treatment. Even the daily routine should be monitored initially.

Exercises for Hip Fracture to Continue Daily Routine

Under the advice from a Doctor, Chiropractor etc, a person or patient may carry out some basic exercises for any hip fracture or ailment. These exercises can be carried out at home, in park, sports places, while traveling etc. Some of the Yoga exercises are also directed at the wellbeing of the hip part of the body.

Post Hip Fracture Treatment and Recovery Routine

After a person or patient undergoes hip fracture treatment at a Clinic, nursing with Therapist, s/he in order to remain fit and improve hip ailment further and for a non-recurrence, s/he has to continue doing these certain exercises as a part of care. Hip fracture cure, rehab and Clinic is limited to visits and time. Most of the time, hip fracture recovery takes its own course of time to recover near 100%.

Doing and gradually / slowly increasing squats, any weight lifting, Yoga exercises under advice by Therapist is important. Do not exert in the initial few days or weeks post the hip fracture treatment/ clinic rehab and recovery. Increase your walk, cycling, jogging distance or swimming length steadily. Climb limited stairs to begin with.  This will also be free of sensitive pain. Start with basic hands and legs motions. Gradual healing pays in the long run and overall health wellbeing. Take repeated advice from your Clinic, Therapist, Doctor…

Post hip fracture treatment and recovery, an optimal daily routine is required to be followed. The daily routine, daily exercises and activity depend patient-to-patient and factors such as his/her nature of hip fracture, age, medical history, type of hip fracture (accidental or other) etc.

Avoid pain killer medicines as much as possible, only take medicines under prescription by Clinic, Doctor, best physiotherapist in Gurgaon. Note that a complete hip fracture recovery, depending case-to-case, can take as less as a month to even a year, depending on factors like age of patient, nature of hip fracture, etc.

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