It is always an honour to assist the most divine process of bringing another life into existence. One of the most beautiful phases in the life of a woman is the conceiving phase. Holding another life for nine months is not an easy job.

Orthocure celebrates every woman’s patience, tolerance, and strength who brings infinite rays of light into the world.

While it is the most amazing feeling to conceive, the physical part can be challenging because the body will experience something that it has never been through before if it is the first time a woman is conceiving. There are going to be numerous changes that will occur all through the process and beyond. The body will change every day, and some changes will be permanent. If proper care is not ensured all through the entire phase, it can result in various complications, the effects of which would not stand favourable. Another issue encountered by a lot of pregnant women is a hindrance in normal labour. Keeping all the important factors in mind, we have devised a perfect FitMom Pregnancy Program whereby we ensure that we make it as convenient as possible for them through the entire phase and beyond.

There are three main things we target in this program for effective and easy results. Let’s talk about them in brief:

Labour Preparation:

Sounding reasonable, giving birth is not supposed to be easy, which is why it is considered the greatest of all tasks. We do not believe in altering the natural process; rather, we focus on bringing convenience to the natural element. Our labour preparation part ensures strengthening the pelvic and abdominal muscles of the conceiving mother because these are the parts that will support the process the most. When these two muscle groups are strong enough, the other thing falls successfully. The natural way of delivery will have the least post’ pregnancy effects.

Strengthening the Torso area (Upper Body)

During the entire period, the whole body of a woman experiences change. Our program ensures that every specific area is given equal importance so that overall well-being is served. The strengthening of the upper body area will help in the proper care of the newborn without any hindrance of muscle pressure resulting in discomfort.

Reducing the pelvic floor trauma and urine leakage

There is no doubt that the pelvic floor experiences the most pressure and is the most active element throughout the phase. Vaginal delivery can sometimes result in pelvic floor trauma and urine leakage in the pre and post-pregnancy phase. Our program ensures strengthening the muscle groups so that they can stand the process well.

About 50% of women suffer from post-pregnancy back pain. This programme is designed to strengthen back muscles so as to prevent postnatal back pain. Unlike many other such programs, it is a structured and comprehensive program rather than just a few lecture sessions. Although you can join anytime, it’s best to enter it six months before delivery and continue it 40 days after delivery. It consists of one hour sessions held every fortnight.