When your muscle begins to feel weak due to repeated movements, it can be termed muscle fatigue. Muscle fatigue can result in weaker performance over time, resulting in a state of exhaustion.

A similar type of movement on a specific muscle group is a common reason for muscle fatigue. But, other factors might be your particular reason for muscle fatigue.

Let’s see five reasons for muscle fatigue:

Anaemia is a disease that happens due to lesser than the required number of red blood cells in the body. Red blood vessels carry oxygen to all parts of your body, so a lack of these numbers indicates a lack of oxygen supply in various body parts.
Anaemia is measured following the number of haemoglobin- the protein of the red blood cells. More than 1.5 billion people worldwide suffer from anaemia, with women and chronically diseased people ruling the list. The main reason for anaemia is iron deficiency. The main reason for anaemia is iron deficiency.

In general, pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks. Women who receive an early pregnancy diagnosis and prenatal care most likely deliver a healthy baby after experiencing a healthy pregnancy. Pregnancy involves dynamic changes in the physical body that pave the way for muscle pressure on specific areas resulting in muscle and joint pain. We do offer a FitMom Pregnancy program whereby we ensure wellness all through the cycle.

Cerebral palsy:
A group of disorders causing affecting muscle movement and coordination is called cerebral palsy. When broken down, the word cerebral means ‘brain’, and palsy indicate problems related to body movement. Individuals prone to cerebral palsy can experience trouble in walking and sitting. This condition can build up over time and become severe.

Anaerobic Infections:
These are infections caused by anaerobic bacteria. These bacteria’s are naturally present in the human body, and they do not affect the body in general terms. When the body experiences severe shock and trauma, these bacterias become hyperactive and affect areas like the abdomen, genitals, heart, bones, joints, skin and others.

With increasing age, the muscle’s efficiency to hold the tension starts depleting, resulting in muscle tension on specific areas like joints, elbows, lower back and others. Your daily activities might require you to perform a particular task resisting pressure on one muscle group repeatedly that will weaken that specific muscle group causing muscle pain.

At Orthocure, we offer various programs for your joint and muscle relief depending on your condition. Our experts always evaluate your entire body first before proceeding with any further suggestions and treatments. Our highly qualified physiotherapist works together with you to improve your function and alleviate your pain.