Foot Orthotics are a part of comprehensive treatment used to tackle the issue related to pain and discomfort in lower limbs and for correcting an abnormal walking pattern by making alterations of the angles at which your foot hits a surface. Foot Orthotics are prescription medical devices that include arch supports,foot insoles, ankle pads, and foot braces that are designed such that they fit your feet comfortably providing needed support to correct misalignment of the foot along with aiding pain relief.

They are highly customized and provide additional arch support used for the alleviation of discomfort caused by positional concerns and underdeveloped muscles of legs and feet. Foot orthotics may be prescribed to patients suffering from arthritis, diabetes, flat feet, high arch, or some other issues to relieve foot pain

Importance of correct foot alignment

For any dynamic movements of the body your foot and leg muscles, joints, and ligaments will be utilized as your feet are the basic foundation for leading and maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. By providing proper support to your foot you can correct the overall alignment of the body that may have been affecting daily activities like walking by causing pain and discomfort. To reap the benefits of orthotics it is important for them to fit the natural arch of your foot comfortably and correctly.

Protocol for customized Orthotics

An in-depth analysis of your foot and legs, required to obtain the correct information for customization of foot insoles, is necessary. The process will include taking images of each foot and might also include an assessment of your walking posture or the movement of your hips, legs, and foot while walking. This is followed up with making the precise mold of your foot and then turning it into soft or rigid orthotics.

orthopaedic clinic in Gurgaon, where globally acclaimed technologies are employed to provide effective solutions to your orthopaedic problems. The treatment protocol in place at Orthocure for customization of foot insoles covers the following:-

  • Analyzation of your arch using advanced machines.
  • Pictures taken of your ankles via a computerized setup are used to analyze your alignment.
  • After you stand on a heated unmolded insole, an expert molds each of the heated insoles to fit your feet accurately and comfortably keeping the correct alignment.
  • After the insoles have been molded it is ensured that they align correctly with the natural arch of your foot.
  • Your 100% customized foot insoles are ready to be used to provide you feet care, support, and pain relief.

If you are experiencing discomfort and pain afflicted during the course of walking or any other activity, consult the specialists available at Orthocure so that an assessment of the condition and the treatment plan to resolve it can be charted out. The orthotic customization protocol will ensure that the foot support device if needed, will align with your foot arc so that you can march towards a comfortable and active lifestyle.

Types of orthotics

Orthotics can be rigid orthotics and soft orthotics depending upon their functionality, support, and control they provide. Based on the need of the patient depending on the conditions and symptoms, orthotics can be customized in a variety of materials.

Rigid orthotics are made from materials like carbon-fiber or plastic and are used to provide comfort and relief from foot aches and strain experienced by a person. They are best to use with walking shoes, dress shoes, and low heeled shoes.

Soft orthotics also called accommodative orthotics are made using soft compression materials to provide cushioning and take the strain off from spots from conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers. They need to be used with prescribed footwear.


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