• Thorough warm up is necessary before start running. It will include your core muscles, lower back pain, gluteal muscles, quadriceps, hamstrings and leg muscles. (Focus on strength and flexibility training)
  • Proper strengthening and flexibility of foot muscles is also important, for eg: intrinsic foot muscles. (exercises are as follows – toe lift, toe curling, toe stand, heel stand , short foot exercises etc. )
  • Start with a slow walk , then jogging and then full speed running.
  • Can use insoles in case any foot issue, like flat foot .
  • Wear well fitted running shoes and shocks , both should not be very tight. Shoes should be wear according to the type of your foot.
  • One can also consult with chiropractor for their issues for any biomechanical faults.
  • Choose form of running according to the body type . Eg: sprinters , long distance runners. Correct form of running is very important as it will reduce the impact of stress on the back .
  • Running with improper form can increase the stress to the back and can contribute to joint injuries (hip, knee and ankle) developing over time.
  • Some runners use a heel strike that can dramatically increase the stress on the bones, discs, muscles and ligaments of the spine.
  • Keep your posture correct while running.
  • A visit to a running coach, who will take a video and provide an analysis and coaching, can go a long way in improving one’s running form.
  • Don’t over train or over use the muscles otherwise it will create an injury like stress fracture.
  • Don’t increase  distance and speed simultaneously. Either increase your distance or speed .
  • Take breaks in between your running schedule.
  • Can apply hot packs every day after running to relax back muscles .


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