Do you have an understanding of your keen dependence on your hands in daily life activities? Only when things start to malfunction do we realise its contribution to our well-being and convenience.

What leads to Carpal tunnel surgery is Carpal tunnel syndrome which is a progressive disorder of weakened hands and wrists muscle that eventually ends up as a severe injury. It is accompanied by pain, tingling sensation and numbness. In earlier stages, the pain and tingling sensation might go away with treatments like corticosteroids and braces. Most of the time, the best solution for this problem is surgery to relieve the pressure and symptoms.

Carpal tunnel surgery may be a progressive disorder for some as it weakens the muscles of the hands and wrists and eventually leads to muscle wasting.
A Carpal tunnel is a nerve that runs along the narrow path of bones and ligaments through the wrist. As already discussed above, Carpal tunnel syndrome is led by symptoms of pain, numbness and tingling sensation. This means that movement in the hands and wrists become a great challenge for all those suffering from this disease. However, with surgery, sensation, as well as flexibility, can be restored very efficiently.

What after the Carpal tunnel surgery?

Many who underwent Carpal tunnel surgery witnessed immediate relief from and return of sensation, but there are still a few whose recovery took time. Sometimes, recovery might take time, and the pain along with numbness might keep returning every now and then.

360-degree healing might take time. There might be a need to go for physiotherapy to sustain strength, function, movement, and sensation after the surgery. And then, slowly, you would be able to perform all daily life activities like writing, gripping, driving, and pinching objects efficiently. You can get more details about it from your surgeon.

Reasons why you should consider going for surgery-

In many cases, even after using braces, occupational or physical therapy, and enhanced daily routine, the movements do not become normal. This means that nonsurgical methods aren’t working well for you anymore. Thus, consulting your surgeon is the best solution.

You have had the symptoms for more than six months without fail, and there’s no relief at all.

Simple movements like grasping and gripping objects appear more challenging.

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