Knee pain is the most common musculoskeletal complaint in today’s world. It is caused by variety of specefic conditions. The main function of the knee joint is to bend, straighten, however it also twists and rotates. To perform all these movements/ actions, knee joint relies on specefic structures ie. bones, ligaments, tendons and cartilage. Knee joint is the major load bearing joint , along with hips and ankle.

Types of Knee Pain- It could be acute or chronic.

Acute knee pain can be caused by an acute injury or infection. Examples are- Sprain/ torned Cruciate Ligaments, Tendon Rupture, Meniscal Injuries, Knee/ Patellar Dislocation.

Chronic Knee pain can be caused by mostly arthritis, injuries or infection. Examples are Osteoarthritis, Rhematoid Arthritis, GOUT, Bursitis, Patlelofemoral Syndrome/ Chondromalacia Patella, Tendonitis(jumper’s knee), IT Band Syndrome.

How to avoid Knee Pain while running

30%- 50% of all runners get knee pain while running. Hence Labelling Running as High Injury Sport.

Some ways to improve Running and Avoid Knee pain-

  1. Don’t Slouch-

Slumping while running wastes energy. Relax shoulders, neck, head, toes and knees. It will release stiffness and will increase the efficency .

  1. Avoid Striking Heel-

If we strike our heel first that means our foot is landing infront of us which will increase stress on knees, shins and feet. To avoid Striking heel just lean forward a little and keep feet under you.

  1. Always land on Mid foot strike-

Good Mid foot form is easier for joints and strengthens our ankles, feet and lower legs. Changing your landing from heel striking to Mid foot striking is a big change so always start gradually and slowly and avoid injuries during transition period. The midfoot strike is characterized by having heel and the ball of foot touching the ground simultaneously with each foot strike.

  1. Do not lift your knees while running-

Lifting Knees, makes our feet hit the ground in front of our body and will create braking effect with every stride. It will give a feeling of landing very Heavily.

So, Overstriding needs to be avoided. To do it Knee should swing low. Bend your knees and and let heels come behind.

  1. Keep Knee bend and soft-

Overstriding will straighten the knees on landing, again creating enormous amount of impact on heel and knee. To recover from it Never straighten your legs while running.

  1. Overpronation

Overpronation creates extra stress on the muscles which supports the arch of the foot.Knee joint and hip muscles becomes tight and inefficient. To avoid it wear supported shoes, excercise

  1. Stay Slim

Staying slim reduces the forces placed on the knees. Keeping on weight down will reduce the injury of tendon and ligaments.

  1. Exercise Wisely-

Knee strengthning exercises and stretches will help in increasing the efficiency of muscles. Knee squats, stretching of calf muscles, Strengtning of knee flexor and extensor muscles are some examples.


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