If you are someone who enjoys being involved in any kind of sports activities or if you are a professional player. You might know that fun, fitness, quality life runs hand in hand with sports-related injuries.

And that’s when sports physiotherapy comes into the picture. It helps to fully recover from your injury and that too very quickly. 

Your sports life tends to get easy and convenient if you visit a sports injury clinic in Gurgaon to get your injury treated with the help of the best physiotherapist in Gurgaon that extends therapies depending upon your medical condition. 

Sports physiotherapy is the specialized treatment that helps an individual to gain back his strength, mobility, and coordination. It helps to reduce stiffness in the body.

 It involves various techniques to ensure that you get back to your best condition quickly and with utmost safety. It is a non-invasive treatment that does not require drugs and injections.

Sports injury physiotherapy is an effective method that works collectively to ensure flexibility and strengthening of the body through different exercises. Sprains, strains, dislocation, fractures, tennis elbow anything of that sort has always cured well with the help of focused physiotherapy.  

Professionals and skilled sports physiotherapists inculcate more knowledge related to sports therefore they aim at providing pain relief through targeting your affected area by providing the regimen of exercises needed for your body to gain strength and in order to return to its fully functional state.  

They also guide you with a self-care formula to lead you in the right direction for a speedy recovery and to lead a happy and quality life. 

Sports physiotherapy helps you in numerous ways:-

  • It decreases exposure to potential sport-related injuries
  • It Enhances the movements of the body with exercises based on you and your injury. 
  • It Improves the strengthening of muscles and ligament health.
  • Aids at bettering your performances during peak times of sports activities. 

Sports physiotherapists provide personalized solutions to your injury that helps you to get back into the game faster:- 

  • Range of Motion (ROM) Exercises – Range of motion exercises are used by Physiotherapists to alleviate the stiffness of joints and muscles. These exercises target the injured area. The level of ROM exercises depends upon the severity of the injury. Active ROM is performed without the help of physiotherapists, only exercises are recommended by them. Passive ROM requires the sports physiotherapists in case of severe injury, the patient doesn’t move at all in this case. 
  • Strengthening – Physiotherapists perform a range of exercises and therapies to strengthen the weakened muscles. Static and dynamic exercises are performed. The former exert pressure on the muscle without the movements of joints. The latter allows the muscles to move through easy movements like walking or running.
  •  Low-Level Laser – Inflammation, and muscle pain are reduced in a non-invasive manner without involving drugs and injections. Low-level laser technique is specialized for Musculoskeletal related sports injuries. 
  •  Cold therapies – Ice packs are applied to the injury by the physiotherapists. It is the initial step to prevent swelling in the affected area.  
  • Hot therapy– physiotherapists use hot packs to provide mitigation from pain and stiffness in case of chronic injury.

At orthocure, we have a team of licensed and trained physiotherapists that deliver the best possible treatment with personalized plans catering to the needs and physical health of the patients. We provide customized treatment plans based upon the severity of the injury and the type of injury using advanced technology and techniques.