Each sport differs from the other in terms of the range and magnitude of the physical activity. Some of them are highly energy intensive with a range of motions, requiring a certain group of muscles to work more and thus causing fatigue, and sometimes even sports injuries. Though sports injuries can occur for any kind of sport, the sportsmen are exposed to certain conditions associated with the particular sports due to the impact borne by the specific muscle and bone while performing the activity. Such as an individual performing activities like walking, running, swimming, long jump is more vulnerable to painful injuries like neck pain, knee pain, jerking, ankle sprain, arm-twist, and many more. Several activities like basketball, volleyball, football are incredibly exposed to sports injuries that might take a longer time to cure. The chances of being subjected to any sort of injury is more when you do not do any form of warm-up before playing the sports. 

The most common sports injuries that one might encounter include back pain, broken arm or wrist, broken ankle, broken leg, concussion, dislocated shoulder, heel pain, minor head injury, strains, shoulder pain, lower back pain, tennis elbow, severe head injuries, cartilage damage and so forth. Depending on how severe and acute the injury is, the treatment also differs. It is highly recommended to visit a sports injury clinic in Gurgaon or in another city in case of injury, so that it can be resolved from the roots to avoid a situation of decline in sports performance due to persisting discomfort or even recurrence later. Orthocure clinics have specific sports programs namely SportsFit program geared at not just treatment of the sport’s injury but also performance enhancement after bodily examinations using advanced technologies. Thus, providing effective sports physiotherapy in Gurgaon. 

Let’s dive into the discussion about the important methods to treat these aforementioned most common sports injuries:

  1. Protection, Rest, ice, compression, and elevations make up for PRICE therapy. This therapy is effective to treat injury(such as sprains or strains) at home for 2-3 days but cannot be a replacement of expert consultation.
  • After being exposed to injury, you have to protect the injured area from being subjected to any other injury.
  • What’s better than taking a rest and not involving yourself in any physical activity for a few days until your pain is reduced? Try using a stick to walk if it’s a foot sprain and use a sling if it’s a shoulder injury.
  •  Ice treatment is very popular for acute injuries, using ice ( wrapped into a towel) on the affected area reduces the swelling and also helps to alleviate the pain. Use ice within the first 48 hours of injury.
  • The blood flow and the swelling can be lessened on an immediate basis by wrapping the injured area with elastic compression bandages. 
  • Swelling can also be reduced by elevating the injured area above the level of your heart.

2.In some cases, it’s critical to try not to move the affected area much to prevent it from further damage. Slings or casts can be used, it also helps to lessen the pain and reduce swelling.

3.Physiotherapy has been an effective way to get rid of the pain. It’s a specialized treatment where the affected area is provided with specific massage, manual therapy and other techniques to loosen up the knots and to strengthen the muscles. 

Taking assistance from the professionals is crucial for proper recovery and to not worsen the situation. For rehabilitation of sports related injuries, our team of physiotherapists provide customized treatment plans based upon the severity of the injury and the type of injury using advanced technology and techniques.