“Healing severe or chronic pain, I believe, includes transforming our relationship to the pain, and, ultimately, it is about transforming our relationship to who we are and to life.”
Sarah Anne Shockley,
The Pain Companion: Practical Tools for Living with & Moving Beyond Chronic Pain

Never ignore back muscle pain or postpone its care. Sometimes you do not realize the severity of your back pain especially due to a pulled muscle which you may tend to ignore. It could be something not so serious and only temporary, while on the hand it could be something that may need immediate attention, check-up, and care.

A pulled muscle in the back can happen to anyone, at different times and moments, for example, you could be in a marketplace, and you bend forward to select or pick some item/product, and you get a muscle pull on your back. This could restrict you from normal or regular body movement. This happens due to overstressing of soft tissues in your back that support the lower spine. Sometimes there is a lot of pressure due to body weight that falls in this area of the back, causing muscle pull. Some of you may need to go for back pain treatment if the muscle pull pain becomes unbearable over a period of time.

What you’re going to learn

· Some causes of muscle pull in your back.
· How to take care of muscle pull in your back.
· Addressing a severe muscle pull and unbearable back pain.

To prevent or lessen a muscle pull pain in the back area, take note of the below

Ø Do not stand up, or sit down, stretch or move in a jerking sudden manner.
Ø When you lift something, especially a heavy weight item, reach closer to the object rather than lifting it from a distance. This reduces stress on your back as the weight is somewhat distributed on your other parts of the body, rather than just your back.
Ø Avoid vigorous physical activities and sports like fast running, intense cycling and weight lifting.
Ø Do not sit or lay down in one position for a long duration of time. You may want to stand up and walk a bit and then come back, intermittently.
Ø Put an appropriate cushioning on your back when seated, for example, a cushion, or a small pillow that brings comfort allowing support.
Ø Avoid slipping and falling. This can cause muscle pull on your back. Avoid or be careful when walking in wet areas, in rainy spots, wavering, or watery terrain, among others.
Ø Do not get up from a chair in the form of a sudden jerk.
Ø Hold on to sidebars or railing when using stairs.
Ø Be mindful of your posture even while sleeping.
Ø Stand in the correct posture and avoid standing in a lethargic, forward-leaning, and other such positions.


Do not ignore any sort of muscle pull. If it is mild, then some simple steps can cure it, but if the pain is severe and it appears to be chronic, either way, you must have a consultation. For anything worse than a normal muscle pull on your back, and if your back pain still persists due to any kind of muscle pull on your back, you may need to consult an expert Orthocure Doctor for an examination and a treatment or remedy. Do not ignore any lower back pain. To get in touch with an Orthocure doctor call +91 7875001001. And to for a lower back pain treatment near me, and to get the locations of the Orthocure chain of clinics, CLICK HERE