Treatment of lower back pain is a gradual process the reins of which are often in the hands of the patient. The pain management therapies and procedures for back pain treatment should be accompanied by lifestyle changes that aid the pain relief process. Since back pain has a tendency to recur, the changes one brings in his/her life should be a lifelong affair. Spine specialists at a physiotherapy clinic in Gurgaon along with providing treatment and pain management therapy suggest incorporation of habits that aid alleviation of back pain. Lower back painis manageable with some modifications in how you perform certain activities along with healthy habits to corroborate your efforts.

Following are the general guidelines that one should keep in mind to manage lower back pain:-

Manage your activities

Avoid lifting heavy objects and prolonged durations of standing or sitting as these put a strain on your back. One can always opt for standing desks, seats with good lumbar support to better manage activities that they perform frequently. If one finds themselves unable to practice such habits owing to the nature of their work, the correct way of lifting objects, sitting, and standing can always be included in their routine. For example, place a footstool in front of you and alternate placing each foot on it for a period of time to take the load off your back during prolonged durations of standing.

Manage Stress

Stress is an unavoidable contributor to lower back pain in your life, where you can take charge of the end result rather than the cause. Better handling of stress is crucial to maintain a healthy body for better pain management. Take time out to relax, unwind, and meditate to relieve muscle tension or one can always include yoga, breathing exercises, relaxation techniques for keeping a healthy mental space.

Shed the excess weight

Excess weight puts pressure on the spinal muscles and discs causing spinal pain and other health-related issues. Following a proper exercise regime along with a healthy diet is pertinent to shed off the excessive weight causing distress on your body. Consult a spine specialist for a thorough understanding of your optimal weight for a healthy spine.

Practice good posture

Good posture is important to prevent pressure or strain on the back. Slouching, poor posture while standing or sitting all contribute to lower back pain and needs to be corrected for pain management and treatment.

Home exercise routine

Activities that are back-friendly including walking, swimming, and others can be included in one’s lifestyle to maintain a healthy weight and regulating stress. Instill activities that you enjoy so that it becomes a consistent part of your life. Consult with your doctor before starting any exercise routine.

Alter your environment

Few tweaks in your environment can go a long way in preventing lower back pain. Some examples of some changes that one can bring in their lives to prevent back pain are –

  • Avoid lordosis of the low back and reduce muscle tension by not wearing high heeled shoes.
  • Decrease muscle fatigue by using a lumbar support pillow while driving and sitting.
  • Avoid physical stress on the lower spine by not putting your wallet in the back pocket.
  • Find the right mattress that suits your body and how you sleep.

Now that you have some understanding of how your lifestyle plays a major role in causing and preventing lower back pain, follow habits that will promote a good state of being of your body and spine. Since lower back treatment is a gradual process, the entire procedure needs to be systematic with proper assistance. Orthocure Clinics provide personalized healthcare and customized treatments to relieve back pain. Orthocure employs a unique and highly effective 4- Point Protocol that resolves the root cause of the problem through a methodological process of diagnosis, then initial pain relief, followed by structural correction, and finally maintenance for prevention of recurrence. If back pain has been causing discomfort and hindrance in your life, then owing to our state of the art facilities and expertise, Orthocure is the solution to your musculoskeletal problems.


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