Many patients we meet tell us that we are living with this pain for many years, and some tell us they were not sure if their pain was bad enough to get treatment on it. So many of you are sceptical whether your niggling pain is a matter of concern? You might find that your shoulder, neck, upper or lower backaches. Do you know this niggle pain/discomfort or your attitude to live with the pain can cause more problem to your body?

When you have any discomfort in your body, you attain a posture which is more comfortable to you, by that your brain learns that abnormal movement (your comfortable position) and forgets most of the normal muscle function and causes a muscular imbalance in your muscle, if not addressed will lead physical restrictions and changes in posture causing more complications to your body. In some cases, the pain can be due to some injury which requires professional attention, but what about those niggles and aches, discomfort recurring with certain movements, or even at rest.

Pain is the sign that something in the body isn’t working normally as it should. Although our body has the tendency to selfheal if not, then you live with discomfort niggles and aches and put your body under more stress. Your body will adapt and will cause compensation and dysfunction. Living with pain can hamper your road of recovery towards a pain-free and healthy life.

A good and thorough examination by a physical therapist can help you get rid of these aches and niggles, and you don’t have to live with pain. We always see a professional when things become worse where we should seek help when these niggles/discomfort anywhere in the body starts. Seeking treatment at the right time can help prevent the risk of poor movement and default in posture and even revert those that have already occurred. Many of you try self-help remedy to get rid of niggling pain and aches, and sometimes it’s just the right muscle to target that can be assessed by a professional. You need not stop your activities just because of that niggling pain which keeps coming back. The right amount of stretching to your shortened muscles and strengthening to your weak muscles can help maintain the right posture and help you live a pain-free and healthy life.

Anjum Fatima
Sr. Physiotherapist, Orthocure Clinic, Gurgoan.