It’s been close to three years since covid had hit the world, leading to a major shut down of the corporate offices and other workplaces, compelling everyone to work from home.

There were many waves with their own level of severity and life threats. But, the world had to move on, work had to be done, and everything was required to fall rightly meeting the global needs. After all the hustle in combating the infecting, the world is finally getting back to normal, and this brings us to the most awaited part: employees returning to their workplaces.

Many offices have started to function, and employees are supposed to switch to work from the office after almost after three years.

While work from home was equally or more challenging in terms of work, there were many conveniences in physical movements due to the remote work structure.

Common problems such as spine and sciatica pain caused due to sitting in the office chairs for long might return if you are not cautious enough.
So, here we remind you to take care of your bone, muscle and joint health so that you work keeping health in consideration with the right attitude towards well-being.

Improve your posture

There were many of you who didn’t take body posture seriously and invited severe back pain, causing one to hunt for the spine treatment in Gurgaon program to come out of the pain. The most important thing about a good posture is learning how to sit right on the office chair. Keeping the spine straight at all times isn’t the right way to go; that puts a lot of unwanted pressure on the back. Watch tutorials, consult the doctor, and understand the righteous thing for your spine health. Additionally, try and avoid neck pain treatment visits by avoiding bending your head for long.

Keep moving

The best remedy that works is to allow yourself to move every now and then within the office premises. Give your body a little break after every 45 minutes. Get up, perform a few stretches and walk around for a minute before getting back to business. This will ensure the correct posture and avoid putting too much pressure on a specific body part.

Now that ‘back to work has become the trend, it is essential not to repeat the mistake and allow healthy movements while keeping everything flexible.

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