The Post Pregnancy Period

Post pregnancy care is advised for all for healing, and bringing back the mental and physical (health) condition back to normal as early as possible. The body post pregnancy has new changes. The first month is particularly important for physical condition post pregnancy coming back to normalcy in a natural way. Doctors like at Orthocure chain of clinics in Gurgaon, specialize in advisory and care of post pregnancy. Orthocure Doctors help adjust the condition rapidly. The entire process of recovery post pregnancy is done in a very consultative, friendly and mutually acceptable treatment sessions way. The Doctors at Orthocure do not compromise on any of the aspects and delve very deep into the treatment as every mental and physical condition of every person is different and unique. Everyone undergoes her own distinctive experience.

The Physical Condition Post Pregnancy – Some Pains that happen commonly

As above, every person undergoes her unique experience, which is specific to her, which has particular and specific strings attached to any ailment or pains associated with the post pregnancy period. The mental and physical status / condition change. To mention, some of the ailments of pains post pregnancy, are:

  • Back pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Sciatica related
  • Cervical pain
  • Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Some Basics about Back Pain Post Pregnancy

The hormones are disturbed post pregnancy. Feeling physically and mentally drained out is but common. Some complain about from minor to acute back pains post pregnancy. The Doctors at Orthocure chain of clinics in Gurgaon pay special attention to every minute detail of the patient, as each patient is unique with own set of experiences, complaints and recovery patterns. A Doctor has to be extremely careful and watchful in addressing any situation / condition. One has to take heed of past health reports, any allergies etc into account as well.

The back takes a heavy toll during and/or post pregnancy. Depending on individual patient cases, pressure and musculoskeletal disturbance come into play post pregnancy. A few cases can even result in disorders and these take their own time in complete recovery over a lengthened treatment period.

Addressing Lower Back Pain Post Pregnancy

Attending to lower back pain post pregnancy needs to be handled with extreme care. Doctors at the Orthocure chain of Clinics in Gurgaon supervise and oversee every aspect involved in the recovery process in consultative sessions. The well-known and highly reputed Orthocure clinics have specialized medical equipments like MedX USA, related to lower back pain treatment to kill lower back pain and have complete revival / normalcy.

Be Careful about Sciatica-related Problems

Sciatica is an ailment related to pain in the back, hip and the surrounding areas. Sciatica happens due to squeezing, compression or blockage in the spinal nerve root in the lower back. Spinal nerve system is critical as it carries motor, signal and autonomic signals – an interface between the spinal cord and the body. Post pregnancy / after delivery, this can be disturbed and can cause pain. Orthocure takes care of sciatica related problems of patients. Generally, post pregnancy there is almost automatic recovery, but some patients complain about prolonged and continued pain and show symptoms of suffering in the back and lower back, hip and/ or other surrounding areas. Doctors at Orthocure take care of just this typical pain area and get a quicker mending of such ailments.

Handling Cervical Pain Post Pregnancy

Cervical pain happens when there is physical dysfunction or malfunction around the neck area. At times, for many patients the neck begins acting up post pregnancy and can cause severe pain even in the surrounding areas of the neck. Post pregnancy, many complain about this. The highly qualified and experienced Doctors at Orthocure chain of clinics in Gurgaon cure this ailment / pain naturally over personalized consultative sessions. The medical history of the patient is taken in account, if needed.

The care in the first few weeks post pregnancy, related to cervical pain has to be addressed with utmost attention. If cervical pain is not attended to, it can lead to headaches and/or irritability in patients.  Importantly, if not diagnosed and treated, it can take months for the pain to diminish. Doing basic activities like looking around can become a challenge.

Taking Care of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Post pregnancy, some feel nervousness or stressed around the wrist, arm and/ or hand area. Some patients feel as if their nerves are being pressured in the wrist area, or numbness sets in around the wrist. This must be attended to otherwise it can also lead to cause collateral damage, such as tension, uneasiness, influence on nerves etc.

Where to get these Treatments related to Post Pregnancy Period

The highly respected and esteemed specialty Orthocure chain of clinics in Gurgaon are pioneers in the treatment related to post pregnancy ailments and pains, especially back pain treatment, lower back pain, sciatica treatment, cervical pain treatment, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and so forth. For more information, get in touch with any of the Orthocure clinics and set a FREE face-to-face consultative appointment / briefing by calling at +91 – 9821451214.


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