Neck Pain is typically Characterized by self reported pain experienced in the
Cervical Region and Cervical Spondylosis is one of the Most Common
Musculoskeletal disorder. Cervical Spondylosis refers to age related degenerative
changes in the cervical portion of the spinal column. With age, the soft disks that
act as a cushion between the spine’s vertebrae dry out and shrink. This narrows
the space between vertebrae and gradually start putting compression on the
nerves of the cervical spine and bone spurs may develop. More than 85 percent
of people older than age of 55 years are affected by cervical spondylosis.

➢ Common symptoms of cervical spondylosis-
➢ Neck pain or stiffness ( morning stiffness )
➢ this may be the main symptoms.
➢ Pain may get worse when you move your neck.
➢ A Nagging soreness in the Neck
➢ Muscle spasm
➢ Lack of Neck range of motion
➢ Dizziness and headaches
➢ If any nerve pinched- pain, numbness or tingling and weakness and it
radiates towards down to your arms till fingers
➢ In more severe condition –symptoms gets worse- more weakness, more
numbness or tingling , clumsiness and poor coordination and more..
Morning Stiffness is one of the major Complaint of patients having Cervical
Spondylosis. So faulty posture during sleep lead increases biomechanical stresses
on the structure of cervical spine may be produce alternation in alignment of
cervical spine, pain and stiffness which proceed to head, shoulder, arm and hand
region. Therefore, many literature on patients with Neck pain treatment have investigated
that the effects of different types of pillows on pain intensity, curvature of cervical
spine, muscle tightness or spasm and high rate of exertion but on the other hand,
incorrect sleep posture can aggravate pain, the use of an appropriate pillow can
relieve neck pain.

➢ In supine position- the alignment of correct sleeping
head and neck is maintained
➢ During side lying position- the
alignment of neck and thoracic region  best and wrost sleeping postion
is maintained to overcome the
chance of biomechanically stress on
cervical spine as well as upper
thoracic spine
➢ See pictures for references
Prone lying is strictly prohibited in
persons having neck pain.

➢ Dr. Neha Bharti (PT)
MPT in Musculoskeletal Disoder
Physiotherapist In Orthocure Clinic,