If you have been suffering from spine issues, a possible solution would be to look for a good spine clinic in Gurgaon or wherever you live. Chronic back pain is one of the common problems faced by multiple groups of people. It doesn’t just relate to older groups, but certainly to the younger generation as well. Corporate lifestyle, lack of enough physical movements are some of the reasons for this chronic disease.

What makes your back pain chronic?

Before you declare your back pain to be chronic, here are the points that you need to take greater consideration of before drawing yourself towards any conclusion:

The pain should last for more than three months
It should frequently occur, with relief moments in between led by frustration
It can be tiring when the cause is unknown

Reason Behind Chronic Back Pain

Multiple reasons are causing chronic back pain, some of which are elaborated above. Let’s see some of the senses in technical terminology for precision in conclusion:

The subsequent thinning of the cartilage in the spine termed as Arthritis of the Spine
The spinal canal narrowing leading to nerve pain
Herniated or Bulging disc relating to common disc problems
No precise or defined explanation of muscle pain and tenderness Myofascial pain syndrome

In case you are dealing with persistent back-pain problems, one of the above could be the root cause of the dysfunctionality. We are the best orthopaedic clinic in Gurgaon working to bring normal functionality back to the table.

In some scenarios, chronic back pain is difficult to pinpoint. If all the diagnostic options from your doctor have been exhausted, it might be the perfect time to see a back-pain specialist promising to heal holistically. A crucial recommendation is to take the problem seriously and make all attempts to seek the root cause, as avoidance could worsen the situation elongated by severe pain building up over time.

Going with non-surgical treatments is the best way of dealing with pain. It might take a few sessions, but the results are better and more settled.

How can Physical Therapy help?
Exercises are certainly the most sustainable way towards the betterment of health in such situations. It lays the foundation of all chronic back pain treatments. Because of the relentless results and side-effect free treatment, it should be regarded as the first treatment one should go for. Also, it has been found as a very effective treatment for most sufferers when practised under the surveillance of a good physician. When you reach out to the specialist, it will most probably tailor the exercise as per your general and active symptoms. A religious implementation of the same is a mandatory step towards progression in health.

Therapies for the treatment of chronic back pain include:

Restrainment of body posture
Testing pain tolerance limits
Exercises dealing with stretches and flexible movements
Core focus exercises
Aerobic workouts
We at Orthocure have corporate programs whereby we help you destress all the muscles that have become stiff. Our expert physiotherapists guide you towards programs and movements that will enable successful recovery at decent timings. If you work in a corporate sector, it is always good to see a good physiotherapist now and then. We are spine specialists in Gurgaon presenting solutions to all such problems.