What is at the backdrop of Chiro treatment and Chiropractors?

Chiropractic dates back to as early as 1895 in the US. Even the ancient India Ayurveda, the physical care philosophy, focused on natural recovery such as the Doshas, the system of Vata, Pitta and Kapha energies. Chiropractic in Gurgaon is for physical-mechanical disorders/movement problems, that is related to the musculoskeletal system. In layman terms, it naturally cures problems related to a person having back pain, neck, spine, joints etc related ailments. It is a different and specialized line in medical treatment system in the medical healthcare service.

The Doctors, surgeons or practitioners also undertaking this form of treatment are called Chiropractors, who may also be labelled by some as the “back, spine, neck pain Specialists”.

How safe are Chiropractic treatments?

WHO recognizes Chiropractic treatment and care to be safe in general. Many regard Chiropractic treatment as to having no side effects, and hence the preference of patients prefer Chiropractic treatment and cure. It is a natural way of treating ailments related to back, spine, bones, neck, joints etc.

What does Chiropractic treatment in gurgaon entail?

A patient must consult a known, qualified and experienced Chiropractor, such as at Orthocure, one of the finest chiropractors in Gurgaonwho is known and reputed in the medical line and industry. An in-depth patient-Chiropractor consultation is a first and foremost important step in the entire process. Both of them understand the background and the cause of the ailment, patient’s lifestyle, patient’s description of the problem, Chiropractor analysis, any past treatment history etc.

On prognosis/diagnosis, a treatment nuance and its path and procedure is mutually laid down on paper/record, and accepted by both patient and Chiropractor, going forward. Mutual faith and belief play an important role.

How many people are going for chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic in Gurgaon, India has become quite popular due to its key features, advantages, benefits and strengths. It enables non-surgical treatment in most of the cases, depending on the status or condition of the patient. Some patients or health-conscious people go regularly for even routine checks for fitness over a period of time.

What is the process of Chiropractic treatment?

As indicated above, the first and most important step is an extensive consultation of the ailment, between the patient and the trained specialist (Chiropractor). Once an Agreement of treatment and cure is reached and the patient is well-explained about the Chiropractic treatment and steps, the ballpark timeline of the treatment is also informed by the Chiropractor. An experienced Chiropractor performs the treatment by use of hands and/ or small instruments adjusters.

A Chiropractor informs about some appropriate exercises during or posts the treatment which may include some Yoga exercises/ poses as well specific to the ailment. For certain and specific patient conditions, a combined treatment by Chiropractor and Physiotherapy is required to achieve the right posture and alignment as well as strengthen the weak muscles. Yoga in some cases can be an important feature and beneficial in the Chiropractic treatment, as it adds to flexibility, endurance etc.

Typically what is the timeframe to get Chiropractic treatment?

Depending on the patient’s condition, status or stage of ailment, it can take from one sitting to a month to 2 months for the Chiropractic treatment. The number of sittings or sessions depends on factors such as the ailment type, seriousness of problem, patient’s age, the recovery pace and so forth. The recovery results can be quick or gradually over a period of time, but for sure it does not happen overnight in the adjustment process.

The Chiropractic treatment can be done at almost any stage and in any age group from child to veterans. The time taken for the Chiropractic therapy varies from patient to patient and case to case basis.

Where can one get Chiropractic treatment done?

There are many Clinics that perform Chiropractic treatment. Orthocure Healthcare is one of the most popular, renowned and known from Chiropractic therapy.

What is the cost of a Chiropractic treatment?

Chiropractic treatment in most cases is one the most cost-effective treatment. It is imperative to determine a specific cost of a Chiropractic treatment as fee is different for every kind of treatment and the duration of the treatment. Many regard it as natural treatment with no or minimal side-effects. Chiropractic treatments have avoidance of medicines.

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