Back pain during pregnancy can be an extremely debilitating condition for a would-be mother as a female’s body is already going through a lot of changes during pregnancy. Back pain further deteriorates the already stressful situation. In this article we will go through some easy tips than can help in providing relieve from back pain during pregnancy. There are many factors due to which back pain occurs. The major ones are listed below.


What is Causes of Back Pain?

There are many factors due to which back pain occurs. The major ones are listed below.

  • Postural Changes

Tension on your back muscles during pregnancy is the root source of back pain. Many postural adjustments are made by the body to support the exponentially increasing weight of the uterus. Would be mother feels relieved on leaning backward which further overstresses the muscles leading to pain, stiffness, and tenderness in the back.

  • Pregnancy Hormones

A mother’s body prepares itself for an easy passage for the baby by releasing a hormone called Relaxin which loosens up the ligaments around the birth canal. Thus, making them much more elastic and flexible. On the contrary, it leads to back pain as joints tend to become hypermobile.

How to Relieve Back Pain During Pregnancy?

There are a few tips that can really help you to get through this challenging time in your life:

Adopt Good Posture

  • Proper body mechanics should be maintained so that minimal load is placed on the back. You should always stand with chin up, chest out with shoulders back and ear lobes aligned with the shoulders. Make sure that you have a wide stance and avoid locking your knees to prevent hyperextension. Most importantly, avoid tilting your pelvis forward or backward by squeezing your buttocks and belly inwards and upwards.
  • Bodyweight should be balanced equally on both feet. Ward off overstraining one side of the body. Keep changing the positions in order to refrain a certain group of muscles from being overexerted.
  • Rectify your style of sitting. Sit in a way that your back is glued to the chair with shoulders held backward and lower back firmly supported. If in case, no back support is available sit at the edge of the chair with your back slouched completely.
  • Try to keep your tummy tucked in and back straight while changing positions.
  • You can use the maternity belt while traveling. Excessive use of the belt will make you dependent on the belt. Therefore, making your musculature weaker.
  • Always bend your knees while lifting up objects. Don’t bend forwards completely. Avoid dragging and lifting heavy objects.

Sleep The Right Way

  • Always sleep on the left side in order to increase the blood supply to your baby. Prefer to keep your knees and legs bent with a pillow in between.
  • Avoid sleeping straight on your back.

Appropriate Footwear

  • Avoid high heels.
  • Go for flat shoes in order to have a good support.
  • Good arch support shoes will definitely be your best friends.

Choose The Right Mattress

  • A firm mattress will provide you the optimum support required for your back during pregnancy.


  • You must be thinking of how diet plays an important role in tackling pain. But a balanced diet and proper nutrition play a very important role in your pregnancy. Pregnancy is a very stressful period for your body and your body needs more of everything as it becomes fragile and vulnerable to many problems.
  • Maintain a healthy weight during pregnancy.
  • Concentrate on nutrition rather than calories.
  • Add fruits, green vegetables, omega 3 fatty acids, multivitamin, iron and calcium supplements.

Physical Exercise

  • Always engage yourself into some monitored physical exercise routine in order to maintain the strength of your muscles.
  • Talk to a physiotherapist to guide you regarding pelvic floor and core strengthening exercises in order to have an easy labor, avoid urinary incontinence and getting back into shape quicker.

Bonus Tip

Get plenty of rest but yes, don’t be lethargic. Eat moderately in proportions. Stay happy and stress-free. Enjoy your pregnancy. The mother inside you grows along with the development of your baby. Have a blissful pregnancy!


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