“I have seen how patients with arthritis, crippled for years, have left their crutches and beds and walked at the biological clinics. After a few days or weeks of simple and harmless treatments, the pain from which they suffered for years disappeared and their joints became mobile and flexible again.”
Paavo Airola

Though arthritis can happen at any age, from teens to adults and in old age, it can be more prone and hurting in the 40ies and beyond but mainly in the old age group, as the inflammation of one or more joints can turn painful and stiff, and as the physical condition related to this worsens as one becomes older. Some of the causes of arthritis, the inflammation of the joints, can happen and be due to old age, and erratic lifestyles in younger or middle age, which happens mostly on the knees, elbows, hips and fingers. It can also happen due to a sports injury or accident and arthritis treatment is required for this.

Walking is one of the best ways to keep your joints flexible. Walking is one of the lowest impact physical activities and is recommended by all leading Doctors who enable arthritis pain management near Gurgaon, such as Orthocure.

What you’re going to learn

· Some common causes of age group proneness to arthritis
· Top tips for walking with arthritis
· Best treatment for arthritis and care by Orthocure

Some of the top tips for walking with arthritis are

Ø Choose a doable and comfortable walking distance. Do not overdo the walking.
Ø Keep a limited time duration of your walk. Do not stretch it and do it in accordance with the severity of your arthritis problem.
Ø Walk at a comfortable pace, especially post an arthritis treatment Gurgaon clinic like Orthocure. If you wish, you may increase your walking pace in a gradual and steady manner over time.
Ø Walk on relatively softer terrain, such as a park’s mud or gravel surface. Hard surfaces can put pressure, can be hurtful and can prove harmful.
Ø Wear comfortable sportswear, such as soft-soled walking shoes.
Ø Try to make your walking on a daily routine basis.
Ø Orthocure can advise about the best support gear for walking, such as crutches, walking sticks, to distribute pressure and to balance your posture, and make walking more comfortable, easy and enjoyable.
Ø Orthocure can advise on the best medicine for arthritis pain Gurgaon, for pain relief, and that are able to walk in a more comfortable and painless manner.
Ø If possible, do a short warm-up stretching exercise.


“Life begins at forty, but so does arthritis, and the habit of telling the same story three times to the same person.”
Sam Levenson

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