Orthopaedic surgeries are primarily concerned with restoring movements that were otherwise a challenge, enabling days in which performing physical activities aren’t troublesome and pain-inducing anymore.

Whether we would be able to restore movements like normal? or if it would heal with a bit of stiffness? What impact will surgery have on the afterlife? are some common queries we deal with before going for surgeries, especially orthopaedic surgeries.

Squatting down is common to perform many activities in day-to-day life rituals. Especially for those involved in sports or strenuous exercise routines, a good flow of movements in their lives becomes a matter of prime concern.

Can knee replacement surgery help you bring ease of movement in day-to-day life activities? Can you get back to normal? What is the area of chief concern? Let’s answer all these queries for you in this blog:

What is knee-replacement surgery?

The knee replacement process in orthopaedics involves replacing damaged surfaces with metal to relieve disability and pain while moving. In a knee-replacement surgery, the damaged cartilage and bone from the knee’s surface are taken out, and a metal and plastic cushion is fixed instead of that.
Many who went for a knee-replacement surgery were able to walk, sit and stand in a short while after the surgery, and carry on with tedious activities like swimming and cycling after complete recovery.

Squatting after a knee-replacement surgery

Movements like squatting might pave the way for certain issues in a few cases after the knee-replacement surgery. It is important to avoid overstraining the knees. The latest implant models allow you to bend over 100-125 degrees. This means activities like rising from the chair, walking, climbing stairs, sitting, and others wouldn’t be troublesome.

With basic implants squatting down might not be a possibility. After specialists ‘ advice, high-end surgeries like high flexion knee joint implants might enable you to squat down efficiently. But prosthetic legs aren’t suitable for all; therefore, an exact solution can only come after an expert consultation.

In general, knee replacement is a very effective solution to restoring many crucial life movements that drive the way to perform daily life rituals. In many cases, people recover from the surgery in 10-12 weeks.

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