The Role of Back as a Body Part

The back (also called dorsum) of a human body stretches from the back of the neck area to the top of the buttocks. The human back houses or consists of the spine / spinal cord / spinal canal, nerves, ligaments, muscles in it, bones, skin of the back etc. 

The back is responsible to many roles, such as human movements, activity etc, and plays a key role in it which is not realized in normal circumstances / in our daily routine lives by many in a normal course of living, even though according to a source, it is regarded as the second most common type of pain that occurs to a human body. Hence, any sort of lower back pain should not be treated carelessly. 

What Causes Lower Back Pain

There are many reasons that cause lower back pain, such as injuries, lifestyle conditions etc due to which it can lead to lower back pain. Sometimes there is muscle tear or strain on the ligament. Inappropriate way of lifting items (especially heavier items), suddenly getting off a chair / car / 2-wheeler, pregnancy-related, slipped disc, menstruation etc, can lead to lower back pain. Muscle spasms / lower back pain can happen to anyone irrespective of his / her age, physical movement, activities etc. Though  neck pain treatment can related to the aging factor as certain body parts weaken or wear out as one ages. 

How to take care of the Back

Generally, the right back posture is essential for a healthy back. To keep this, many factors contribute to the well being of the back, such as the right sleeping position, using the right stiffness of pillow / mattress, appropriate sitting position especially for a long duration of time – like long office hours, sitting too long continuously on a coach watching TV, not exercising well enough, playing sports without care for the back, etc. Even in normal routine, for small pains, the back should get a check. Massages, opening up of stiffness through natural adjustments by Physiotherapists / Orthopaedists / Chiropractor at Orthocure, need to be done periodically.  This way it avoids lower back pain. 

What to Do When One has a Lower Back Pain

The best way forward when there is lower back pain, is to consult a Physiotherapist / Orthopaedist or Chiropractor at Orthocure healthcare. 

The Best Medical Equipment Used in Back Pain Treatment 

All the Orthocure healthcare’s clinics spread across Gurgaon, use the top of the line medical equipment – MedX USA that is used in back pain treatment

How to Manage Back Pain Treatment

Whether it is a minor lower back pain or a serious one, taking advice over a consultation with a leading Physiotherapist / Orthopaedist / Chiropractor is essential. These medical experts will also advise on how to maintain a good back / spine. Even in normal routine, visit for back pain treatment adjustments should be carried out. 

The Best Place / Clinic for Back Pain Treatment

 Orthocure healthcare’s chain of clinics in Gurgaon is a one-stop solution for back pain treatment. Orthocure can be reached instantly at their number +91 – 9821451214. To check for nearby convenient locations or to find the most suitable Orthocure clinic, click


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