“You have to be odd to be number 1.”
Dr Seuss.

When you consult with any doctor for any ailment or problem, the best outcome comes when you provide a proper explanation transparently about your issue to the doctor. When you are clear in explaining your concern to the doctor, it positions them to diagnose accurately and provide the best treatment. This puts both you and the doctor at an advantage.

You should not be hesitant. Keep the faith in the doctor. Hiding or forgetting some critical aspects or information about your health will not help you or the doctor. At Orthocure, the doctors are the best in the medical industry. They provide consultation with high integrity, transparency, and 100% confidence.

Some of the aspects to keep in mind during your consultation with a doctor are

Be transparent – do not forget to inform the doctor about any essential aspect of your medical history, ailment or problem. Explain all problems or symptoms clearly.
Carry your past medical records or papers if asked for, required or necessary.
Book an appointment at your convenient time and the time slot offered by the Orthocure clinic booking person. You can book an appointment with any of the Orthocure clinics by calling +7875001001.
Be descriptive yet precise – The doctors at Orthocure will be all ears to listen to you. You should be able to communicate to the doctor in an illustrative and crystal clear manner. Ask the doctor questions.
Choose the doctor from the list of doctors from the Orthocure team. It would help if you were comfortable with the doctor.
Listen to the doctor carefully. Make notes if you have to and if required. However, a doctor will write anything substantial on his or her writing pad. Do not hesitate to ask the doctor to repeat. After all, it is a matter of medical concern and well-being.
Reach the doctor’s room for the meeting/appointment on time.
Follow up with the doctor post your session with him or her, especially for any doubts on medication or treatment or next steps.
If you have any doubts or if something is not clear to you in your reports, do not hesitate to check back and ask the doctor.


Your health is best in your hands first, then in the hands of the doctor. Be responsible, and the Orthocure doctor will go the extra mile, which will ultimately make your healthy shine out and make you happy.

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