Oftentimes in our lives, we get too preoccupied that we ignore symptoms that shouldn’t be neglected and take injuries that require specialized care lightly. When one experiences any pain or discomfort in their body, it is an indication that certain aspects of your daily routine like your posture and lifestyle need to be altered. Some situations are not passable as just being associated with bad posture and sedentary lifestyle but warrant a visit to an orthopaedic clinic followed by proper diagnosis and treatment. For a better understanding, here are the symptoms or reasons for which one should visit an orthopaedic clinic.

  1. Injuries

Injuries and falls can cause pain and discomfort in your body. In some cases, it may start with being milder in magnitude but worsens as time progresses. Swelling and bruising might also occur and presents a clear case where expert assistance is needed. Injuries like minor fractures, sprain, strain, and dislocation need to be looked at by an orthopaedic specialist for an effective treatment for correction and pain alleviation. 

  1. Conditions of bones and muscles

Musculoskeletal problems like arthritis, bursitis, and osteoporosis being chronic and progressive cause great discomfort and inconvenience. Orthopaedic conditions have a debilitating effect as they worsen over time especially without the aid of proper treatment. One might also experience spinal pain or pain in other joints due to factors like age or overuse of the affected area which requires a visit to a spine clinic Gurgaon or elsewhere for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

  1. Sports injuries

Owing to the repeated use of certain parts of the body for performing a full range of motions, athletes often work closely with orthopaedists to prevent injury and to enhance performance. They are also at high risks of injuries like dislocation, ankle sprain, shoulder injury, runner’s knee which are likely to recur without proper treatment involving surgical and non-surgical methods as needed. The orthopaedic specialists can also employ integrated and all-encompassing treatment by working closely with physiotherapists and chiropractors to optimize recovery and performance for improved quality of life. 

  1. Lifestyle-related

The kind of lifestyle you lead can cause musculoskeletal problems like back and neck pain due to bad posture and lack of exercise, especially in a corporate environment. Consulting a specialist and further examination can guide you about the changes one needs to bring in their habits and the exercise regime that might benefit them. The Orthopedic doctor, if needed, can employ an integrated approach by using physiotherapy and chiropractic treatment as a part of pain alleviation and management.

Common symptoms

There are common symptoms that are usually ignored by individuals as being attributed to ageing and a poor lifestyle. While that might be a probable cause there can be underlying factors that are influencing these types of symptoms.   

  • Facing difficulty in performing the daily activities in one’s life due to excruciating pain and stiffness is one such symptom that should not be ignored.
  • Another symptom is the kind of pain that has refused to vain and has lasted for weeks.
  • Inability to walk, stand, and perform a full range of motions are indicative of a problem related to bones and muscles.
  • Progressive weakness and a feeling of numbness in the arms and legs are the other symptoms that need expert care.

If you are on the edge that you might have an injury to your bones and muscles or any other chronic orthopaedic condition, then seeing an orthopaedic doctor can provide insights into your situation.  At Orthocure, we provide an accurate diagnosis for effective treatment of your musculoskeletal problems so that you enjoy a good quality of life. Finding the cause and the underlying issue associated with your symptoms can lead to effective treatment for pain alleviation which is what we are dedicated to providing by making use of globally acclaimed technologies. Using the latest technology and advanced machines, our team consisting of highly experienced orthopaedists, physiotherapists, and a chiropractor provides efficacious solutions to your bone and muscle-related problems. 


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