Some Causes of Back Pain

Back pain is common, and is found and reported by many people. The causes of back pain are mainly due to bad sitting posture ignoring the back, bad routine habits, excessive weight, avoidance and negligence about proper care about the back, over straining in sport and other activities, swellings, nature of work and its burden, bad sleeping position, inappropriate pillow / mattress, prolonged sitting at study or office desk, lack of exercise, sitting in an awkward positioning while watching TV for long hours, muscle / ligament tear, improper lifting and so forth. Orthocure helps you from recovering from back pain with proper back pain treatment.

Some basic symptoms of serious back pain are:

  • Inability to get up from chair, bed etc
  • Inability to do some basic physical actions like climbing stairs, walking etc.
  • Experiencing constant back pain in normal activities such as lifting a pile of books
  • Coming across back cramps, muscle spasms or back muscle ache
  • Swelling or buldge in the hind (back)
  • Ligament strain or skeletal irregularity
  • Improper body posture resulting in back pain
  • Over weight causing back pain
  • Accidental, travel, slipping, injury etc causing back pain

Who Can Spot the Cause Best and Accurately about the Back Pain?

A Doctor / Therapist / Chiropractor can advise best on any ailment or discomfort related to the back. The Orthocure group of Clinics, have the best team of Doctors, Therapists, Chiropractors and Therapists. They are highly qualified, experienced, seasoned, and among the best in the medical fraternity. They have attended to and cured thousands of patients over decades.

Where Can a Patient Reach for the Best Back Pain Treatment?

Orthocure Healthcare has the best qualified team of Doctors, Therapists and Chiropractors who have a history record of best specialized and focused back pain related treatments and cure.  The result of back pain treatment and cure are the highest at Orthocure. The Orthocure Doctors’ Team provide accurate cause of back pain, and precise treatment and cure and post-cure steps for it.

Where to get in touch for Back Pain Treatment and Cure?

For tips on gradual and natural improvement towards back care, self-care post treatment etc, Orthocure is the best group of Clinics destination. A patient can get the best treatment and cure for all back related ailments with qualified Specialists / Therapists / Chiropractors / Doctors at any one of the Orthocure Clinics in Gurgaon. Orthocure Clinics have the latest and advanced diagnosis systems and instruments, under a very friendly and comfortable ambiance.

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